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I smiled & shook her hand as I introduced myself as we walked onto the beach. Then she said it…   “I have to be honest… I am having a bit of a fan girl moment right now!”   Then I said it… “What? A fan girl moment meeting ME?? Surely you’ve got me confused […]

  Here we go again! Now that I checked in on how last year’s bucket list turned out, it’s time to break out the new list! I can’t say enough how glad I am that I started doing this a few years back. Life (especially with little ones) goes by so fast & it’s so […]

  Here we go again with another year’s recap of how I did with crossing things off my Yearly Bucket List. This year was a pretty good one! Finally crossed things off that had been on the list for years, and ended up with only 3.5 things not done! I’ll take it. This year was […]

Sweet girl, You turn 6 today. SIX!!! It’s been another incredible year of watching you grow & seeing your personality develop. You still have a heart the size of Texas, and I think that might just be one of my favorite things about you. You are quick to give a hug, say an “I love […]

We recently snuck away to Galveston for a long weekend with my parents, brother, sister-in-law & nephew, and I’m so glad we didn’t cancel the trip because of the forecast! There was a chance that Hurricane Barry would cause the whole weekend to be rainy, but we ended up only having a few little moments […]

I’m going to be real honest here… as a “mompreneur” with two young ones, summer time is HARD. There’s no less pressure to do all the business things & not only maintain but grow. There’s no less housework to keep up with. And there’s a whole lot more time with the kiddos in the house. […]

I’m the first to admit I’m no fashion blogger/influencer, but I do also love a good deal & sharing the things I love! So I’ve decided to share a few of my favorite things every once in a while over here on the blog. If I can help you find a new favorite too, I’ll […]

Happy 4th of July from the Holmes Family Circus! Sometimes these two are sweet… …but most of the time they’re full of sass! We are spending some time with family & trying to just unplug a bit from work & to-do’s… I hope you’re able to get some fun + relaxation in too!! Nose scrunches […]

Pumpkin has been taking some swim lessons the past few weeks & let me tell you…. It’s been a roller coaster! One moment, she’s loving it & excitedly telling me to watch her. The next moment she’s screaming, crying & clutching onto her swim instructor for dear life & begging to be able to get […]

The year was only a few hours old, and already the old familiar feeling of needing to be crushing goals, making progress, checking things off the list, doing more, being more NOW had creeped in. The need to be growing my business in leaps & bounds.   There‚Äôs a lot to be said (in a […]

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