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Getting to spend time in different spots around Houston with other female entrepreneurs is such a HUGE perk of my job as a brand photographer! I get to know my city better, and I get to know these incredible women better, and for that I am so thankful! Even better than that is when my […]

I don’t think I’ve ever been at a session where there was quite so much excitement & anticipation – this is including maternity & engagement sessions, y’all!! Sweet little Colette’s three older siblings could have powered all of Kingwood with the amount of energy & excitement they had about how we planned on ending this […]

When I first started out on Instagram, I was just using it as a person, not as a business owner. If you take the time to scroll allllll the way back to the beginning, you’ll see lots of posts with no captions, a whole lotta filters/frames, and ZERO consistency. I also didn’t think at all […]

Some newborn portrait sessions are tough – the baby doesn’t want to settle, the parents seem stressed, etc. Then there are newborn portrait sessions where I leave wondering if it was in fact a real baby, a real family, that I was photographing because everything just went so smoothly… this was one of those sessions! […]

You know how there are just some people that as soon as you meet them, you can tell they are just such a bright light in the world?? Well, friend, meet one of those people – Jasmine of Let’s Party HTX! Not only is she a gorgeous mama, she’s an incredible entrepreneur serving the Houston […]

Think about some of the major brands that have a ton of recognition and awareness: Pepsi Nike Neutrogena Calvin Klein Covergirl Capital One   What’s the one thing they have in common? They hire celebrities to be the “face” of their brand. So does that mean I’m expecting you to be able to get a […]

As I slowly moved pretty much everything out of the girls’ playroom so we could use it as a studio space (making me realize that “ALL” the toys we just got rid of in the garage sale wasn’t nearly enough!), I got more & more excited. One of my favorite families was headed my way […]

Pumpkin has been taking some swim lessons the past few weeks & let me tell you…. It’s been a roller coaster! One moment, she’s loving it & excitedly telling me to watch her. The next moment she’s screaming, crying & clutching onto her swim instructor for dear life & begging to be able to get […]

As a business owner, it is becoming more & more crucial to be showing up on social media, but sometimes getting visual content that represents your brand well is a challenge (which is one reason why I LOVE doing brand sessions for my clients!). While of course I think hiring a photographer to get really […]

As the sun was coming up, we both pulled into the parking lot of the local garden center & got ready to make a little bit of photo magic to showcase Blayr & incorporate her love of flowers into her brand photos. You see, when summertime is starting to kick in here in Kingwood, Texas, […]

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