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Sweet girl,   You’re 5. FIVE. I can’t quite wrap my mind around it! You’re growing up so fast & it’s almost too much for this mama’s heart! This has been quite an interesting year with many blessings and a lot of challenges (hello, global pandemic). Through it all, you’re almost always smiling or laughing […]

I can’t believe I’m already on Year 7 of creating a Yearly Bucket List for myself! This practice of creating a list to intentionally fill each year of my life with things – both big & small – that “fill my bucket” has been so great for me! We all get so busy – especially […]

Well… knowing now that COVID was going to lock down life for a while, I would have made more of an effort to cross some of these things off my Yearly Bucket List during the first 6 months, but I was still able to get a lot done! Regardless of how the global pandemic affected […]

Sweet girl, You’re 7. SEVEN! I can’t believe it! This turned out to be quite the birthday for you as we celebrated amid the COVID-19 quarantine situation. The thing is though? You were so joyful all day. You didn’t complain about not having a party with your friends – in fact, you were thrilled with […]

Hello… well…I guess Hello. I am not 100% sure how to start a blog post, so I am just going to wing it, kinda like the rest of my life. But, I digress…. Hello, My name is Max. I am Brooke’s other half. You probably wonder why in the world Brooke’s husband is writing on […]

Once again this year (with the help of my Powersheets!), I’ve chosen a word to use as a guiding light of sorts for my year. I have loved how this practice gives me a way to re-center myself and focus throughout the year. It’s a home base for making decisions. It’s a place to come […]

Ever since our first Halloween after Peanut was born, we’ve all worn costumes that tie into a particular theme. That first year was a mouse (Peanut), a cat (me), and a piece of cheese (my oh-so-amazing husband who is willing to go along with all this silliness each year). The past few years, Peanut was […]

Dear Pumpkin, Sweet girl, you’re 4 today! You have grown up so much this year and it’s been both tough & amazing to watch. Just in the past few weeks I’ve had so many moments of looking at you & seeing a kid instead of a toddler, & Oma has mentioned the same thing. You’re […]

Today is a day full of emotions over here in the #holmesfamilycircus! (Though we do tend to have lots of emotions on most days… but this one is something special!) I can’t believe it’s here, but today is the day the girls are officially at the same school! Peanut is going into 1st grade (how […]

I have been so fortunate to recently connect with a new friend (all the way across the world – thank you, social media!!), and reconnect with a dear friend who I met here in Houston but now lives in Dubai. These are just two of the people that have been lifting me up, encouraging me, […]

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