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I can’t believe I’m already on Year 7 of creating a Yearly Bucket List for myself! This practice of creating a list to intentionally fill each year of my life with things – both big & small – that “fill my bucket” has been so great for me! We all get so busy – especially […]

Well… knowing now that COVID was going to lock down life for a while, I would have made more of an effort to cross some of these things off my Yearly Bucket List during the first 6 months, but I was still able to get a lot done! Regardless of how the global pandemic affected […]

  Here we go again! Now that I checked in on how last year’s bucket list turned out, it’s time to break out the new list! I can’t say enough how glad I am that I started doing this a few years back. Life (especially with little ones) goes by so fast & it’s so […]

  Here we go again with another year’s recap of how I did with crossing things off my Yearly Bucket List. This year was a pretty good one! Finally crossed things off that had been on the list for years, and ended up with only 3.5 things not done! I’ll take it. This year was […]

One of my yearly bucket list items this year is to learn to watercolor. Outside of reading/listening to audiobooks & spending time with family, I’ve realized that I don’t really have a hobby. Photography is a passion, but it’s also a business for me, so while I absolutely LOVE it (and always will), I have […]

I can’t believe it is already my 5th year of creating Yearly Bucket Lists to remind me to fill my life with moments – both big & small – that fill my heart up. 5 years of trying to be more intentional about what my to-do list looks like, and trying my best to balance […]

4 years ago, I decided that I was tired of life getting too busy for things that fill me up. From big things like trips away with Max to little things like living room forts, reading books, or trying something new, I wanted a way to remind myself to make time for really living in […]

My word for this year is “intentional” & I have absolutely loved seeing how focusing on being more intentional has positively impacted my daily life. One of the items I’d included on my Yearly Bucket List for this year was to keep a happiness journal again. I’ve done this before & it’s been a really […]

Once again this year as a part of my Yearly Bucket List, I decided to challenge myself to keep a happiness journal. This year though, I’m doing something a liiiiitle different. To try to go along with my word of the year, I wanted to not only have this be an exercise in making myself […]

For those of y’all who are new around here (first of all, welcome!!), I’ll fill you in on this little recurring project of mine. I’ve realized that it’s WAY too easy to get caught up in the to-do lists & running from thing-to-thing that seems to be our daily routine. We move from event to […]

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