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December 5, 2019

Downtown Houston Family Portraits – The Gonzalez Family

I’m not even really sure where to start describing this session (& this amazing family)!! First up? It was a sunrise session (this means getting up really early to get everyone ready). Next, it was in downtown Houston, meaning we all had to drive in from Kingwood (so leaving even earlier to start right as the sun came up). Then? It was freezing. Usually with my Kingwood family portrait sessions, I feel bad for my clients trying not to sweat in the Texas heat… but it was definitely the opposite for this one! All of that should probably add up to a rough session or at least some complaining from someone…. but this family – kids included – were just a dream! They were such troopers with the early start and the super cold, windy weather. (Not to mention their outfits were perfection too!!)

We started out at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, as it is a special place in their family history. It’s a beautiful church, and I loved getting to include a sentimental touch for their photos!!

After the Co-Cathedral, we just wandered around the frigid air tunnels, I mean, streets of downtown a bit & I love that the vibe of their photos are so different from my usual, more natural settings!

Love love love this one!!! I seriously can’t brag on these two enough… they were so good! And can we just talk about Ian’s jacket for a second?!?! I love it!

Aubrey was baptized at the Co-Cathedral, and is preparing to make her First Communion this spring, so we made sure to get a few photos of her on her own!

I just had to snag at least one photo to prove it was cold! We’d wrap the kids up in the blanket as we walked from place to place – which usually ended up in giggles as they bounced into each other/tried to walk all wrapped up!

Kingwood photographer's early morning family portrait session in downtown Houston with family of 4

Gonzalez family, y’all are amazing! Thanks for making that cold, early morning so much fun!! Enjoy your urban family portraits!!

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