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Sweet girl,   You’re 5. FIVE. I can’t quite wrap my mind around it! You’re growing up so fast & it’s almost too much for this mama’s heart! This has been quite an interesting year with many blessings and a lot of challenges (hello, global pandemic). Through it all, you’re almost always smiling or laughing […]

Dear Pumpkin, Sweet girl, you’re 4 today! You have grown up so much this year and it’s been both tough & amazing to watch. Just in the past few weeks I’ve had so many moments of looking at you & seeing a kid instead of a toddler, & Oma has mentioned the same thing. You’re […]

Sweet girl, You’re 3!!!! I can’t believe it’s already (past) time for another letter… This year you were so much more aware that your birthday was coming, and it just cracked me up that during your party, it didn’t click that we were celebrating your birthday until we brought out the cake…. and then you […]

Sweet girl, You are two!! You are full of personality & bring so much life to our family! I have been terrible at getting your letters up… poor second child. But I want you to know that I love you so much & I’m glad that this letter is going to be out there for […]

Sweet girl, You are 11 months old, and I can’t believe it! You’re already growing up too fast for my liking, but I am so thankful to get to watch it happen. You are walking around like crazy, and like to try to run away when someone comes after you on your way to something […]

Sweet girl, You’re 10 months old, this post is a little late going up, and I completely missed your 9 month letter. Between you deciding to grow up really fast all of a sudden & us moving to Houston, that 9 month letter got lost in the mix, but my girl, I am so in […]

Sweet girl, You’re eight months old! WHAT?!? (And since I’m finally getting around to posting this, you’re almost 9 months old! But I’m going with my word of the year & giving myself grace on this one!) You are still my little Sunshine girl – almost always happy!! Unless you don’t get what you want […]

Sweet girl, You are seven months old… seven! And my goodness are you making this month count! You’ve gotten a lot better about naps times in your crib, but sometimes still give us a little trouble during the afternoon nap. You’re starting to eat more foods including oatmeal cereal and some veggies, and aside from […]

Sweet girl, It can’t be real life that you’re already 6 months old… That’s halfway to a year already! What!?! Time is flying by so quickly, little one. You’re doing a good job sleeping in your crib at night now, but nap time is another story… We’ve had plenty of loops around the house in […]

Sweet girl, You’re 5 months old! And you’re still just the sweetest little thing! You LOVE to grab onto things  (mostly hair but you also reach down to grab onto my finger almost every time you’re eating, and it gets me right in the heart every time). You continue to be one of the most […]

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