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We stood in the parking lot & she said “I feel like I’ve known you for forever!” This, after she dealt with the Houston heat like a champ and I was a sweaty mess. This, after we laughed together all over Heights Mercantile. This, after we captured beautiful, joyful images to celebrate her personal brand. […]

I always have a special place in my heart for the families I get to photograph – especially the families of my Little Ones clients. Seeing a family throughout the first year of a child’s life builds a relationship & I tend to get attached. This family though? This Little One? There’s an extra special […]

Over the most delicious salads, we talked about business. We talked about parenting. We talked about faith. We talked about life. And when I think about the fact that those real, honest, encouraging words were shared in the middle of a brand session, I could just about cry tears of joy. I am so thankful […]

From the minute I set foot in the Newman’s home, I felt as if I had known them for years. I don’t think I’ve ever chatted that much through a newborn session. And sweet little Baylin? That precious baby slept through allllll the talk! I absolutely love laid-back, laughter-filled families, and that’s exactly the kind […]

As a mom AND a business owner, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to keep track of everything I need to get done! Adding in keeping everyone’s schedules in order, and it’s a recipe for overwhelm! While I don’t have it all figured out, I have found a few tools that help me immensely. […]

I am only offering one date of fall mini sessions this year, and sign ups are live! These sessions are a really fun challenge for me. I work really hard to make sure I still give my clients a gallery full of beautiful images with a variety of poses, and a variety of family member […]

As I looked at the remains of the cake waiting to be cleaned up, completely pulverized and smashed into the flooring of the girls’ playroom…. I smiled. You’d think with all that cleaning to do, a smile wouldn’t be my reaction, but that mess of crumbs & frosting was proof of a sweet baby boy […]

I work really hard on my family portrait sessions to make it an enjoyable experience…. we play, we laugh, you get to just be who you are as a family while I guide you into simple, natural poses. But before the day of the session arrives, there’s the process of selecting what everyone will wear. […]

Based on alllllll the giggles & smiles, you’d never guess this little one was due for a nap! I always say there’s no way my little ones clients could get cuter, and then they always prove me wrong!! Vivian DEFINITELY proved me wrong.. she is absolutely precious & such a happy girl! It was SO […]

It’s always so amazing to me when I walk into a newborn session with first-time parents & they are so calm & collected & relaxed… it’s like they’ve been doing this whole parenting thing for forever & like caring for a newborn is a piece of cake. These two? They were totally like that! And […]

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