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Using a word to guide me through the year has been a really interesting exercise over the past 5 years (5 years! How in the world have 5 years flown by since I started this?!?!) In addition to choosing one word to ground & guide me through the calendar year, I started using Powersheets last […]

We met for Ellis’ 9 month portraits on what should have been a fall day, but with Houston weather, you can’t ever count on that! So there we were all dressed for fall & fighting the beads of sweat forming on our foreheads… but friend, let me tell you… it was worth it! I can’t […]

I was so excited when Nikkie, the amazing woman behind Kingwood Moms, signed up for one of my fall mini session spots. Getting to meet her & her family was a joy & I can’t even begin to tell you how cute her two kiddos are! To all the mamas reading this – if you’re […]

Even though these Aggies showed up in (perfectly coordinated) maroon, my little Red Raider heart loves them regardless!!! As with previous portrait sessions here in Kingwood with the Durhams, Abigail was ready to bust out her best modeling skills & Jackson made me work for each and every smile (which doesn’t phase me one bit)! […]

Sweet girl, You’re 3!!!! I can’t believe it’s already (past) time for another letter… This year you were so much more aware that your birthday was coming, and it just cracked me up that during your party, it didn’t click that we were celebrating your birthday until we brought out the cake…. and then you […]

They were working as a team from the moment I arrived, and it was such a treat for me to see friends from back in my Texas Tech days as brand new parents. In each moment, it seemed that Lauren & Todd were completely in sync & working as one… until they weren’t. Todd scooped […]

One of my yearly bucket list items this year is to learn to watercolor. Outside of reading/listening to audiobooks & spending time with family, I’ve realized that I don’t really have a hobby. Photography is a passion, but it’s also a business for me, so while I absolutely LOVE it (and always will), I have […]

The feeling in the room was both excited & peaceful, thoughtful & relaxed, full of newness & settled into veteran comfort. As Morgan & her sister (the super talented Mal of silk + kraft) greeted me & introduced me to sweet little Trent, there was just an all around laid-back vibe with attention to detail […]

I can’t believe it is already my 5th year of creating Yearly Bucket Lists to remind me to fill my life with moments – both big & small – that fill my heart up. 5 years of trying to be more intentional about what my to-do list looks like, and trying my best to balance […]

In the late afternoon heat of summer, Harper splashed & explored the grass of my backyard. This sweet 6 month old baby girl was so intent on exploring & figuring things out – which isn’t much of a surprise with her mom being a teacher! She’s ready to learn already. We spent a few minutes […]

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