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My word for this year is “intentional” & I have absolutely loved seeing how focusing on being more intentional has positively impacted my daily life. One of the items I’d included on my Yearly Bucket List for this year was to keep a happiness journal again. I’ve done this before & it’s been a really […]

Once again this year as a part of my Yearly Bucket List, I decided to challenge myself to keep a happiness journal. This year though, I’m doing something a liiiiitle different. To try to go along with my word of the year, I wanted to not only have this be an exercise in making myself […]

I am keeping another Happiness Journal during the month of March as a part of my Yearly Bucket List for this year. It is such a great reminder to be intentional about happiness – whether that is planning for things that you know will make you happy, or consciously recognizing the little things throughout the […]

This is the last of the month’s Happiness Journal!! Time to cross another item off of the Yearly Bucket List!   29. An oh-so-sweet surprise gift in the mail… this necklace stands for such a great thing, and it was just what I needed on a day where I felt knocked down. So thankful for […]

Here’s the next installment of the Happiness Journal…   22. Baby giggles & some sweet quiet 1-on-1 time with Peanut after a photoshoot 23. Lunch with a good friend and my sweet husband (bonus points for a mini shopping trip while waiting on our food to be ready!) 24. Date night at the SFA Homecoming […]

Time for an update on the Happiness Journal! Here’s a glimpse at the things that have made my heart happy over the past week…   14. Moments of genuine laughter with my amazing staff 15. My gorgeous flowers from the most thoughtful coworker for National Bosses’ Day & getting an email about a Kindergarten & […]

As a part of my Yearly Bucket List, I’ve been keeping a Happiness Journal in the month of October. It’s not in a cute notebook, or a classy leather-bound journal. It’s on my iPhone. It doesn’t have pictures to accompany each day’s entry. In fact, there really aren’t many photos to go along at all […]

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