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September 14, 2017

Yearly Bucket List – Year 4

For those of y’all who are new around here (first of all, welcome!!), I’ll fill you in on this little recurring project of mine.

I’ve realized that it’s WAY too easy to get caught up in the to-do lists & running from thing-to-thing that seems to be our daily routine. We move from event to event, task to task & don’t always make time for LIVING. So a few years back I decided that each year on my birthday, I’d come up with a Bucket List for that year… Not in the “before I kick the bucket” kind of way, but more in the “what will fill my bucket” way. It’s some bigger things, but mostly it’s the little things. I crossed a lot off of last year’s list but didn’t get as many as I would have liked – I’m really going to try to be more intentional this year so that they get done!


So here’s the list for this year (with updates on the progress of a few of them already):

  • Read 5 books for fun – In Progress – Finished The Jersey Brothers & Nothing To Prove, currently reading Rising Strong 
  • Keep a Happiness Journal (again)
  • Go to Magnolia
  • Cookie decorating
  • Photography giveaway – Planned – Free Mini Sessions for those who lost their family photos due to Hurricane Harvey
  • Host a photography workshop for moms
  • Devotional time at least 3x each week – In Progress
  • Bake something from scratch with the girls
  • Do a month-long contentment challenge – Planned for October
  • Finish decorating the guest room – In Progress – New shelf is up, & some decorative items purchased, but still need to finish clearing two boxes & get mirror for wall/maybe new smaller/white dresser
  • Family photos up in the girls’ playroom
  • Have a family picnic
  • Have at least two mommy/daughter dates with both Pumpkin & Peanut
  • Weekend away with Max
  • Volunteer somewhere with Peanut

So tell me, what’s one thing you would include on your yearly bucket list?

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