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You know how they say good things take time? (or something like that?) Well this session is perfect proof!! Rachel is a professional organizer in the Kingwood area and reached out to me about getting brand photos for her business, Organized Creative Design. Then it seemed as if the universe decided to throw all kinds […]

This brand session for Kelly of Bird & Hyssop had me alllll in my feels, friend. Why? So many reasons! It was the third & final session in her Brand Collective. It also included the amazing Lynsey of Lynsey Creative (who helped me rebrand after moving back to Houston!). It started with the three […]

Ok, friends! Today, I’m introducing you to Laila, owner & founder of irenic, an HR support & leadership coaching solution for your business! This powerhouse woman can help you create intentional culture, bring the right team members on board as your business grows, & help you become the incredible leader you’re meant to be. Plus, […]

When it comes to flat lay photography, it tends to look like it would be much easier than it really is! Trying to get a variety of height levels, putting all of your props in the perfect location, getting good light, and getting round items to stay put are much harder than you’d think! Today […]

When planning your brand photography session, it’s crucial to pick the right location! You want your images to translate the heart of your brand so that you’re attracting your ideal clients, and the setting for your headshots & lifestyle brand photos is key in getting the right message across. For those of us who don’t […]

We stood in the parking lot & she said “I feel like I’ve known you for forever!” This, after she dealt with the Houston heat like a champ and I was a sweaty mess. This, after we laughed together all over Heights Mercantile. This, after we captured beautiful, joyful images to celebrate her personal brand. […]

Over the most delicious salads, we talked about business. We talked about parenting. We talked about faith. We talked about life. And when I think about the fact that those real, honest, encouraging words were shared in the middle of a brand session, I could just about cry tears of joy. I am so thankful […]

I recently posted about 8 different ways you can use your brand photos, but outside of the specific ways that you can use your images, there are four key things that they should be accomplishing for you – regardless of where/how you’re using them! Just like parenting, building a business is a whole lot of […]

Ok, so you’ve invested in brand photography – good job! You’re already a step ahead of a lot of business owners. You should have gotten a great headshot that you’re confident sharing. Hopefully you’ve also got lifestyle/behind-the-scenes images & custom stock images as too! Now that you have them… let’s be sure you’re using them […]

Sarah started off our session by telling me she’s not great in front of the camera. By the end of her lifestyle brand session, we’d totally proven that was NOT AT ALL true! In addition to being beautiful & photogenic, Sarah is the creative talent & heart behind Southern Rose Designs, a Houston-based brand & […]

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