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July 31, 2019

Yearly Bucket List – Year 6


Here we go again! Now that I checked in on how last year’s bucket list turned out, it’s time to break out the new list! I can’t say enough how glad I am that I started doing this a few years back. Life (especially with little ones) goes by so fast & it’s so easy to just let it fill up with to-do list items. But making a point to think about things big and little that “fill my bucket” & remind me to enjoy life is something I’ve come to really look forward to with each birthday.

I’m learning more and more as I get older that being intentional is key. And this list helps me be intentional with how I’m filling each year of my life (especially how I choose to spend my time with Max & the girls).


This year’s bucket list has a few things that didn’t get done last year (which seems to be a bit of a trend lol) as well as repeat items that are go-to ways for filling my heart & soul & hitting that reset button (helloooooo beach time!). I’m excited that my list includes the following:

  • Go ice skating with the girls
  • Paint on the beach or at a park
  • Host a couple’s game night
  • Beach time
  • Read 30 books
  • Host branding mini sessions
  • One social media free weekend each month
  • Start a new family tradition
  • 3 no-spend months
  • Paint a piece to display/hang in our home
  • Reach out to 4 other creatives to get lunch/coffee
  • Travel somewhere new
  • Mommy/daughter date with each of the girls
  • Go to an art gallery or museum
  • Slip N Slide with the girls
  • Backyard camping with the girls
  • Organize the girls’ schoolwork/artwork

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