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January 18, 2019

My 2019 Word of the Year

Using a word to guide me through the year has been a really interesting exercise over the past 5 years (5 years! How in the world have 5 years flown by since I started this?!?!)

In addition to choosing one word to ground & guide me through the calendar year, I started using Powersheets last year to make intentional choices about the goals I would set for myself for the year as well. The combination of the two things was so good, y’all! (If you haven’t tried Powersheets before, I definitely recommend them!!!)

Houston brand photographer - personalized styled stock images

Powersheets actually walk you through the process of intentionally choosing your word of the year, which is awesome! That being said, this year it took a lot longer for me to figure out what my word would be, even with the help of my Powersheets… in the past it’s come to me pretty quickly. I am torn between pushing myself to do more, achieve more, grow my business, etc., and the desire to slow down, to spend less time in hustle mode & more time in self-care & quality time mode with the people I love. Two very different sets of words there!

In the end, I decided that my word for 2019 will be THRIVE.

Kingwood Photographer's 2019 word of the year, "thrive," over a picture of a sunset in San Clemente, Ca

When I am in work-mode, I want to be hustling, chasing down those goals & making my dream of a full-time photography career a reality. When I am with family, I want to be 100% present with them – playing more games & doing more activities with the girls. Having more date nights with Max & more friend dates with the incredible women in my life.

I know that a perfectly balanced life is not necessarily attainable, as you’re always in the act of balancing. But this year, I want to feel like I’m thriving in all of my roles. It may not be all of the time, and that’s ok, but on the whole, I want to feel content, satisfied & successful in each of the areas of my life.


Here’s to 2019, y’all. It’s time to thrive.  

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