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Y’all, I can’t even begin to describe what this Kingwood newborn portrait session means to me…. I love this family (my whole family loves this family!), and this sweet baby girl is such a blessing! She was a complete dream during our whole session, and her big brother & big sister did just as well […]

From the minute I set foot in the Newman’s home, I felt as if I had known them for years. I don’t think I’ve ever chatted that much through a newborn session. And sweet little Baylin? That precious baby slept through allllll the talk! I absolutely love laid-back, laughter-filled families, and that’s exactly the kind […]

It’s always so amazing to me when I walk into a newborn session with first-time parents & they are so calm & collected & relaxed… it’s like they’ve been doing this whole parenting thing for forever & like caring for a newborn is a piece of cake. These two? They were totally like that! And […]

Some newborn portrait sessions are tough – the baby doesn’t want to settle, the parents seem stressed, etc. Then there are newborn portrait sessions where I leave wondering if it was in fact a real baby, a real family, that I was photographing because everything just went so smoothly… this was one of those sessions! […]

They were working as a team from the moment I arrived, and it was such a treat for me to see friends from back in my Texas Tech days as brand new parents. In each moment, it seemed that Lauren & Todd were completely in sync & working as one… until they weren’t. Todd scooped […]

The feeling in the room was both excited & peaceful, thoughtful & relaxed, full of newness & settled into veteran comfort. As Morgan & her sister (the super talented Mal of silk + kraft) greeted me & introduced me to sweet little Trent, there was just an all around laid-back vibe with attention to detail […]

The text message said to just come on it, the door is open. And that’s exactly how this whole session felt. Easy-going, warm, welcoming & just like family. I can’t say enough how much it meant to take a drive (by myself!) to go see these four. Connor was Peanut’s first friend, and seeing him […]

With the light pouring in from a wall of windows, Zach & Lauren snuggled their sweet baby girl. Big brother Caleb napped in his room toward the front of the house, worn out from the excitement of showing off his new sister & helping me carry in my baskets, blankets & wraps. In the sweet […]

Y’all, today’s post is such a special one!!! In addition to being my second session with the Griggs family, it was my first time meeting this handsome little miracle! Ellis was born earlier than expected & had a bit of a scary start that included some time in the NICU, but thankfully he is home […]

I drove over to meet Harper just 6 days after she was born, and it was the best way to spend my Thursday morning! This little girl came into the world quickly once she decided she was ready, and caught everyone by surprise as she was born a little over two weeks early weighing 7lbs […]

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