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June 11, 2014

Just a Little Blue Sky

Sometimes, just the tiniest patch of blue sky is all you need.


Driving to the sitter’s house yesterday I was tired, y’all. I’d gotten up way early (AGAIN) to get in my workout before getting ready for another long day at work. My mind was already thinking about my to-do list and planning out the day. It was gray and humid and foggy, like the weather was as tired as I was.

As I drove through the fog, both outside the car and in my mind, I happened to glance up to catch the littlest piece of blue sky through the haze. Not big, and it was soon gone, absorbed into the gray. But it jump started me.

It was just what I needed, that tiny hole in the haze. It brought me into an awareness and appreciation of that moment. The fact that the radio station that was on just kept playing song after song that seemed like I requested it. Peanut being talkative as ever in the backseat. Red birds darting across the road to nestle into the trees.


That little patch of blue was all I needed.


The rest of the ride was spent talking back and forth with Peanut, and after dropping her off, I took the time to enjoy a little time of my own. Took the sips of my coffee just a little slower. Turned the radio up just a little louder. Soaked in the rays of morning sun that fought their way through the cloud cover.


Y’all, find that little thing in your day today that can be just what you need. It might be a parking spot right in front, or finding just the right shirt only to realize it’s been marked half off. Maybe it’s a flower forcing it’s way through a crack in the sidewalk, the sunlight framing the edges of dew-covered plants or the song of a bird who just can’t contain their happiness.

Whatever it is, drink it in and let it fill you with what you need. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be someone else’s patch of blue skies today. 



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  1. Jan Rodine says:

    You are such a fantastic writer!!! Great way to start my day!!! Love ya, Mom

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