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Now that I am in Kingwood, I obviously don’t do many SFA senior portrait sessions anymore, but I was so glad when Ronnisha reached out to me about doing her portraits! This gorgeous soon-to-be graduate actually worked at the daycare/school that Peanut went to before we moved & it was so fun to see her […]

I was so glad that Dalton (& his parents!) made the trip down to Kingwood from Nacogdoches to do his senior portraits! We were all hoping that doing his photos in October might mean nice cool weather, but it was warm, y’all!! Dalton was such a champ though! This was one of the first shots […]

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to photograph a senior, and y’all…. coming back to that with Julie’s session was just perfect!!! Julie, you are so beautiful on the inside & out! I truly enjoyed getting to hang out with you & your mom as we ventured from Downtown Houston to Kingwood […]

Y’all… just wait till you see this session! Jazzlyn is graduating from SFA, and I am telling y’all, she’s so pretty! The best thing is, behind that gorgeous smile is a strong, smart woman. She was one of my Orientation Leaders when I worked at SFA, and it’s been so incredible to watch her grow […]

I’m so excited to share this senior portrait session with y’all!! Candyce is an amazing SFA alumna(!!) & I had such a blast taking her senior portraits last week. This girl was seriously killing it y’all… I mean right off the bat just killing it! I LOVE this shot, and it was probably about the 4th one […]

To you, the recent graduate, first of all – congrats. Congrats on the culmination of your hard work and grit. To the culmination of all-nighters, finals, group projects, research, papers & tests. Congrats for earning that degree you’ve been working on for years. Congrats for  distinguishing yourself in a way that takes real dedication. As […]

Allison, girl… you are such a beauty & I’m so excited to share your senior portraits! Y’all, I’m serious when I tell you that the sunrise SFA shoots are starting to become some of my favorites! Campus is clear and cool, and the light? The light! It’s just beautiful!!! We started out at the iconic […]

Y’all… this senior portrait session… so. good. First of all, I was so excited to get to photograph Cony because she was one of my amazing Orientation Leaders. Second, there are super fun personal details – including a superhero appearance. Third, Cony brought friends with her & all of us were cracking up throughout pretty […]

Last weekend I got to meet Sarah for her senior portrait shoot early Saturday morning, I just had a blast! The weather was amazing – nice & cool – and the morning light was just LOVING Sarah! It was definitely a great way to kick off a Showcase Saturday. Sarah will be earning her Biology […]

Ok, y’all… I know I say this a lot, but I just LOVE photographing college seniors, and I LOVE when we are able to incorporate details that make the shoot really personal! And this shoot definitely has that! Jessica, I loved getting to know you and taking your graduation photos! You are so nice & […]

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