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February 11, 2014

Tuesday Top 3 – Running tunes

Max and I have been training for a 5k for the past few weeks, and this Saturday is the big day! We are running in the Steps for Students 5k in Houston, and if you’d like to find out more about Steps for Students or donate towards our team, feel free to click on over! I’d appreciate any small donations.

With the training, I’ve had a lot of run time in the past few weeks. Now, I am much more of a “runner” than I was in high school (or college for that matter), but I definitely am not one of those true runners who just wholly enjoy getting out and running. I do enjoy it once I get going, but I have found that great music goes a LONG way for me in the distraction motivation department.

So on that note, here’s my top 3 tunes to keep me going while running as of late:

1. Wake Me Up by Avicii – SO. GOOD. I also love Aloe Blacc’s version, but Avicii just adds that extra “oomph” I need to keep me running!

2. Counting Stars by One Republic – The beginning may be slow, but once it really kicks in, it’s great! Perfect for the switch from warming up to running.

3. Get Over It by The Eagles – This one is a throwback… I mean, waaaaay back. Like all the way to CBL basketball games in the elementary school days. Dad and I would be headed to whatever game I was about to play, and he always timed it just right so that this song was what I heard right before we got out of the car. This was a staple on any pre-game playlist I had for warm ups for volleyball in college.  Still gets me going to this day.

And because every post is better with a photo… Pretty sure this picture I saw on Pinterest is me:


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