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August 7, 2015

The Yearly Bucket List – Year 2

Well I made it through the first year of the Yearly Bucket List project, and I just loved it. May not have hit all the items on the list, but I got most of them and it was a great way to create intentional memories and life moments in the midst of the crazy day-to-day to-do lists.

Now that another birthday has come and gone, it’s time to gear up for the second year of this project… so here we go!!!

Nacogdoches photographer's yearly bucket list project


  1. Take a Canton or Round Top trip.
  2. Build a fort with Peanut.
  3. Read at least 1 business book.
  4. Go on a bed & breakfast getaway with Max.
  5. Go to a concert.
  6. Roast s’mores.
  7. Gift a photoshoot.
  8. Go to the zoo.
  9. Pick wildflowers with Peanut.
  10. Complete some sort of photo challenge (monthly, weekly or 365).
  11. Sew a quilt of some kind.
  12. Be brave and do something different with my hair.
  13. Have a spa day.
  14. Keep a happiness journal (again).
  15. Write & mail hand-written love letters (again).

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  1. Jan Rodine says:

    Great bucket list!

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