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August 7, 2019

The Right Kind of People

I have been so fortunate to recently connect with a new friend (all the way across the world – thank you, social media!!), and reconnect with a dear friend who I met here in Houston but now lives in Dubai. These are just two of the people that have been lifting me up, encouraging me, and acting as sounding boards when I need to talk through things, and those relationships can feel like such a lifeline sometimes (even when the conversations have to happen through Instagram DMs or Marco Polo videos)! And you know I’m sappy & like to reflect on things, so my recent conversations with these incredible women have got me thinking…


Life can be tough, and adding a business into the mix can make for a bit of overwhelm. But having people you can talk to who just “get it”… people who can truly relate… that is such a blessing!!!

This also goes for my incredible mom friends who are willing to share the messy & admit when things are hard. We don’t have to hide behind the social media style perfection that’s usually portrayed. And on those days where I’m a hot mess & motherhood seems to be kicking my tail, these women show up for me and listen. They let me know I’m not alone. They let me know that it’s ok to feel the struggle but I don’t have to feel the “mom guilt” that’s always trying to work its way in.  They point me back to God & pray for me & my family. They make me laugh & help me get ready to do it all again tomorrow.


I am so so so thankful for having the right kind of people in my life – those I can see in person, and those that technology allows me to talk with. I hope you have those kind of people in your life too. But even more so, I hope we can BE the right kind of people. I hope we all strive to be a source of light & love & support & laughter & listening & encouragement. Because if we’re all pouring into each other like that, can you imagine what life would be like?!?!? Surely not perfect or easy, but man would it feel a lot less lonely. A lot less scary. A lot more hopeful & fun. And that? I’m totally in for a world like that.

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