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January 10, 2017

My 2017 Word of the Year

It’s a new year. I could go through the whole “how did that happen already?!?” thing, but I think we all pretty much feel like time is flying, so I think that’s covered.

Once again this year, I’ve picked one word to try to guide me through daily moments, business decisions & growth. It’s always so hard for me to narrow it down to just one word because I feel like there are so many areas in which I can push to grow more.

After lots of thinking & reflecting, I’ve chosen “abundance” as my word for this year.


I’ve heard lots of podcasts & read lots of posts on the abundance mindset before but never really took the time to think about it more deeply. When I took a minute to think about what an abundant mindset really means for me in business & in life, I realized that this might just be the perfect word for this year.

So heading into 2017 I am going to challenge myself to stop thinking in terms of scarcity. There are lots of Houston & Kingwood photographers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough clients for all of us to serve. I will focus on¬†finding MY ideal clients who I can impact & bless the best & bring those clients into the family. The clients I don’t get? They’re better served by another photographer & that’s a blessing to all of us.

In my personal life, I’ve already seen what thinking of abundance can do for me. Living with a 3 and a half year old and a 14 month old is tough. When they’re fussy or stubborn it can be downright exhausting. But in the moments when the fits are happening (usually for pretty much no reason) & I want to snap, I’ve thought about the fact that there is an abundance of patience. I’m not limited in that area other than the limits I put on myself. So taking a breath & consciously thinking about bringing in more of that abundant patience has seemed to help tremendously!


So here’s to 2017, and to recognizing & appreciating the abundance all around us!

If you’ve picked a word of the year, I’d love to hear what it is & why you chose it in the comments!!¬†


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  1. hrobinsondesign says:

    I am definetly adopting this mentality too this year. I feel like we use it as an excuse sometimes not to do what we feel we are called to do, or stray from the community over competition mindset. But He always provides!

    • bmariephoto says:

      Yes, Hannah!!! I think you’re so right – trying to remember that it comes from Him makes it so much easier to rest in the knowledge that it really is unlimited!

  2. Monique says:

    Love your word for 2017! My word is your 2016 word….GRACE! I need to to bestow grace on others especially those that are causing me stress or anger. I need to lend grace to my kids when they are having a “fit” because I ask God for grace when I have a “fit” and he freely gives me grace. I need to remember how freely God gives grace and do the same. So, 2017… is to GRACE!

    • bmariephoto says:

      I love that, Mo!!! I think I could probably stand to choose Grace as my word each & every year. It can be so hard to do, but so powerful! Just remember to give yourself grace too!

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