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November 23, 2016

Love Is In the Little Things

Ok y’all, by no means what-so-ever am I claiming to be a marriage expert… I am the first to admit that I still have a whole lotta learning left to do on that front, but in the 3.5 years that Max and I have been married, there are a few things I’ve learned.

And one of the biggest is that, at least in my opinion, the best kind of love is found in the little things.


It’s Max making extra eggs in the morning so that they’re ready for me when I wake up (even after I forgot about them the other day and had to toss them out – oops!).

It’s me taking the time to turn Max’s dress socks right-side out & matching them after pulling them out of the dryer, even though I’d much rather just toss them into the drawer as-is (and I admit that does sometimes happen…).

It’s sneaking to the bar in the restaurant for one quick drink┬átogether, just us, after my Mom & Dad brought the girls home at the end of dinner.

It’s Max ordering me a pretty teal Rtic tumbler because he saw it on Amazon and immediately thought of me & thought it would make me happy.

It’s both of us trying to choose our morning Nespresso flavors around the other’s favorite.

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There are the big, grand moments like our wedding or weekend trips together or perfect birthday gifts or fancy date nights. There is so much love in those moments, but there’s just something so much better about the little, everyday choices to show that we love one another. That almost 4 years into this, we’re still choosing each other everyday.


So to all of y’all, I challenge you to not only show a little extra love in the little things today, but to take the time to really recognize & appreciate the way that your loved ones are showing you how they feel through the little things.

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