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March 28, 2017

It Really IS About You

As a small business owner (now twice over), I have realized it is so important to make the most of your online presence to create connection with your current & future clients. The same goes for anyone though really…. when you want to connect, build trust & engage your tribe, you have to put yourself in it.

People need to see the face behind the business, behind the message. They want to be able to picture who is speaking to them in those tweets, Instagram captions & blog posts. They want to be able to have a familiarity with you!

As business owners, this is HUGE. When a potential client can scroll through your feed, know what you look like, be able to picture what it would be like to work with you, & see glimpses into your personal life that resonate with them, they will be so much more likely to invest with you, because on some level they are choosing to invest IN you.

A lot of times we think that no one wants to see us (especially for us photographers), they just want to see the gorgeous work we can produce for them. I used to kinda be in that camp. I didn’t think it was a big deal to put my face out there… And then I did some research & realized that there really is a payoff for putting myself into my business in a public way.

So I tried it.


Kingwood photographer image of Instagram grid

And I’ve realized that some of my best performing Instagram posts (not that it’s all about numbers) have been ones that I am IN. Ones that open up to my audience & tell them more about the lip-product-selling, family-oriented, California-hearted photographer mama behind

And as I am building my photography business in Kingwood now – and in some ways having to start all over – having my potential clients get to know me before they ever hit ‘submit’ on that contact form is powerful.

And the more I put myself front & center, the better it feels…. There are a lot of photographers in Houston, but there is only one me, and the people who feel a connection with me will most likely be the most enjoyable for me to work with! It is resonating with people & that is encouraging in a business-stratgey sense, but it is also wonderfully reassuring on a personal level too!

So if you are a small business owner, a creative, I would LOVE to help you get intentional, beautiful images of you & your work that can start to connect immediately with your ideal clients! Just shoot me a message here & I can’t wait to start planning with you to help your business grow!! And if you aren’t following along on Instagram, I’d love to have you join me

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  1. Holly says:

    Yes, agree! The personal extension of the brand is often was clinches the booking.

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