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April 12, 2018

Brand Photography Basics

As small business owners, it is so easy to get caught up in all of the different areas we need to focus on in order to grow our business dream.

There are almost an infinite number of ways to invest into your business, and that can be overwhelming! One of those options is to invest in personalized brand photography.

As a brand photographer, I obviously would LOVE for creative entrepreneurs at any stage of their business to hire me to do their photos, but I actually believe that there need to be some things in place first. If you’re just starting out & haven’t really nailed down the details of your brand (and I’m not just talking about colors, fonts, logos, etc.), brand photography might not be the best investment for you right now. Will it help? Yes! Will it get you the best return on your investment without that fully-understood brand message? Maybe not.

Houston brand photographer - personalized brand images for Victoria Garcia Studios

For those just starting out, my suggestion is to invest in high-quality headshots like the one above. These images are brand images (and should tie in with the other visual aspects of your brand through your wardrobe/location choices), but they don’t have all of the full nuances & messaging power that a full suite of brand images can give you. Professional headshots give you credibility for those #fridayintroductions posts on Instagram, and they give your “About” page on your website a legitimate feel (as opposed to a selfie, or a cropped image from that last time you were a bridesmaid & had a professional take your photo). It can also build credibility & recognition when you’re using the same high-quality image as your profile picture across multiple platforms. This is a great place to start!!

Houston brand photographer - personalized brand images

For those who have a more mature, defined (& refined) understanding of the deeper aspects of their brand, this is where a full brand experience comes in. Getting images of you doing what you do (photographing, cookie-decorating, coaching, etc.) allows clients to imagine themselves working with you (or you working on their products). Getting personalized styled stock/flay lay images builds your brand story by adding visual interest that fleshes out the personal sides of your brand that you choose to showcase. These images build connection with your ideal clients instantly as they click through your website or scroll through your Instagram feed.

Houston brand photographer - personalized brand images for Victoria Garcia Studios

Good brand photography helps your viewers FEEL your brand message & that helps them decide if you are the right fit for them – which is EXACTLY what you want! When the heart of your brand is clear, your images can speak to that & more importantly, to the people you want to be working with!


If any of this has caught your attention & you want to learn more about brand photography & how it can up-level your business (AND how you can start NOW without a major investment), click here to get a FREE video series in your inbox! Just a few minutes of your time can get you on your way to stronger brand photography to support all the effort you’re pouring into making your dream a reality…. I can’t wait to see you in your inbox soon, friend! 

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