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September 5, 2019

4 Organizational Tools I Can’t Live Without as a Mompreneur

As a mom AND a business owner, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to keep track of everything I need to get done! Adding in keeping everyone’s schedules in order, and it’s a recipe for overwhelm! While I don’t have it all figured out, I have found a few tools that help me immensely. I want to share them with you in the hopes of easing your stress & making the balance of life + business just a little easier!



First up are my Powersheets. These babies are pure gold, my friend! I’ve been using them for two years now and they not only help me set meaningful, intentional goals, but they help keep me on track to meet them! I love all of the exercises that help you hone on in the areas of your life that you want to cultivate throughout the year. Even better – they check in on your status in various life areas and on your goals periodically throughout the year. Sometimes our circumstances change, and it’s ok to switch things up mid year. Such a great reminder of that!

After figuring out your goals for the year, each month walks you through a process to clear the clutter & outline Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Action Items. These all go onto your monthly Tending List where you’re able to mark off the progress you’ve made. This page is always out & visible on my desk so that I have the constant reminder of what I should be working on throughout the month.

The 2020 Powersheets will be released on October 16 & I highly recommend you investing in a set for next year. It’s SO worth it!

Houston photographer shares 4 organizational tools she uses to keep family & business life running smoothly



The next tool that saves me SO much time is the social media scheduling platform, Later. This tool allows me to pre-schedule my Instagram content. Benefits of this include:

  1. being able to preview my feed so that I make sure it’s cohesive & the scheduled posts will look good with my existing posts
  2. making intentional choices about the types of content I’m posting so that I have a variety of client work, personal posts, etc.
  3. batch writing captions and prepping content saves so much time! I’m rarely scrambling to think of something to post or missing out on a moment to try to post it live


While there is the option to upgrade, I’ve been content with using the free version.

Houston Brand Photographer shares tips on how to use Instagram



I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about Honeybook before, but it is worth mentioning again! This is the hub for my business – it’s a client management system that includes billing, workflows, financial reports, you name it! It is INCREDIBLE the amount of time I’ve saved by utilizing templates and workflows in Honeybook. It provides a great, easy experience for my clients, and gives me time back to work on other areas of my business or spend time with family. Between the online hub + the app, no matter where I am, I can quickly and easily respond to inquiries, send proposals or invoices, and get back to work (or play!).

This is seriously a game-changer, y’all. If you want 50% off your first year of Honeybook, click here to get started! You won’t regret it – I PROMISE!


Large Hanging Calendar


Last, but not least, is an old-school hanging calendar on the inside of our pantry door. With all the intense appetites in our house, we’re constantly in and out of that door – what better place to have a snapshot of everyone’s schedules! I just write out the basics here – nights Max is working late, if the girls have dance or soccer, if we have company in town or are traveling, days I have photo sessions, etc.

Since starting this, we’re less stressed trying to communicate where we’ll be in the evenings & I’ve had fewer issues with things like forgetting to bring snack for the girls’ classrooms or buying presents for upcoming birthday parties.

We still use a family Google Calendar which is great for planning things in advance, but for the day-to day things, we’ll keep using this method! I’ve found that a key to this is a calendar that has large boxes for each day since we typically have more than one thing going on & it’s easier to read if the boxes are big!


Houston photographer shares 4 organizational tools she uses to keep family & business life running smoothly


Do you have a favorite tool you use to stay on track as a mompreneur? Share it in the comments! 

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