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July 16, 2014

100th Blog Post – and celebrating by signing up for summer school

Ok…. so this is the 100th blog post I’ve published since re-starting the blog!!!! Woohoo!! May not be a huge accomplishment, but I definitely think it’s worth acknowledging! A BIG HUGE thanks goes out to those of you who check-in each day and read along. You mean more to me than you know! You’re totally a major part of this celebration!

100 Blog Posts

So in honor of hitting the big 1-0-0 today, I thought I’d look back at 5 of my favorite posts so far. It was hard to narrow these down, and if you asked me tomorrow I may switch things up a bit, but at this very moment, here’s a list of my top 5 favorite blog moments:

5.  To start things out, I’m going with how God worked in my life and my business through the amazing Emily & her fiancé husband, Joe. I still feel so blessed to have been a part of the day these two pledged forever in front of God, family and friends. (Bonus pick: Their wedding day blog post!)

Listen and Trust

4.  Next up, Jesse & Emily’s Engagement photos! I just had so much fun with these two (as always), and they are just sooo good together! They are now officially married, and let me tell you – they made quite the handsome groom and gorgeous bride (I know, I know… not a big surprise, but still worth mentioning)!!


3.  Number three goes to Yolanda’s Senior Portraits. Gorgeous light, a stunning senior, and knowing the perfect person won the half/double promo? Love it.


2.  At the number two spot: The Most Perfect Souvenir Gift EVER. My sweet Peanut, an almost-too-cute-to-handle dress from Greece, and knowing it came from two of my most favorite people? Yep. Good stuff in my book.


1.  And one of my most favorite posts so far… drumroll please…. Dear Peanut – 6 Months. This post was the beginning of a monthly love letter to my little girl. It’s amazing how much can be forgotten in just a few short days, weeks, or months. These Dear Peanut posts are so special to me because they capture those things that could be forgotten.. those moments that might hang in there, but lose their sense of time. These posts help this mama to be able to hold onto the sweet infant while enjoying the toddler who will become the little girl. I still get a little sappy feeling when I see a little one with a bald spot…



So where does summer school come in??? When I talked about not letting slow season pull you into nothing-ness, I meant it. And I’m actively doing what I can to make sure I don’t fall into that trap. While I do that, I’m also investing in writing so that the next 100 blog posts are better than ever (same thing for the rest of my communication).


Check back in tomorrow for more details on summer school!


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  1. Congratulations on the big 100 Brooke!

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