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July 17, 2014

Packing My Word-Filled Bags and Heading to Summer School!

One thing I’m doing at the moment is participating in the amazing Nikki Elledge Brown’s A Course About Copy Summer School. We’re two days in, and I’ve kept up so far. It’s tough to not want to read every. single. comment. Such a great variety of folks hanging out and sharing their WHY and how they want to better utilize words to help them achieve it. Time-wise though, it’s smart to peruse the ones that stick out to you, do your homework, and then try to actually get some sleep too.

Summer School

I’ve got a lot of things I want to do/goals to accomplish/projects to implement, and as I keep growing in this blog adventure I know writing is going to be at the core of a lot of those things. Being smarter about writing is only going to help me really get across what I want to do for the amazing people I get to (and want to) work with! I enjoy writing. I really do. But I know it’s not enough to just enjoy it and go for it. Just because it’s something enjoyable for me doesn’t mean it isn’t worth investing time and effort. It’s like photography – you never quit learning. There’s always a way to do it differently better.


The structure Nikki is using is so easy to follow because she breaks things into small chunks and hits you with a call to homework action.


Even better, she’s doing this FOR FREE. Yes, y’all. Free. Sure, it’s a draw for her paid course, but to be sharing anything like this for FREE is great. My full time job working with college students reminds me all the time about the power of FREE. Free shirts. Free food. Free scantrons. You get the point.


Anyway, come on over and join the party, and let me know we’re in class together! I’d love to have a study-buddy!40

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  1. Carol says:

    I think you are an incredibly gifted writer already but if you can get better, good for you. I so enjoy your posts about “everything”. Keep up the good work.

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