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Nacogdoches photographer gray, white and salmon quatrefoil design for Tuesday Top 3 series

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August 18, 2015

Tuesday Top 3 – Recent Favorites

Nacogdoches photographer gray, white and salmon quatrefoil design for Tuesday Top 3 series

Ok, so I’m pretty sure it’s been about 10 and a half years (ok, maybe not THAT long…) since the last Tuesday Top 3 post… And I figured what better way to jump back in than to feature 3 of my recent favorite things!!! There are always those splurges, guilty pleasures, go-to make-you-all-kinds-of-happy things, but sometimes you find yourself getting into (or back into) things that just have to be categorized as favorites – and that’s what today’s alllllll about!

First up… e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish foundation. I will be the first to admit that I am not the best at picking out the right makeup for myself… And I’m also notoriously bad at guessing & trying out drug store options (and wasting money in the process). I know I need to go spend the time & money to really sit down and have someone who actually knows what they’re doing help me out, but I just haven’t quite gotten there yet. Buuuuut I did actually take a chance on an option that I’ve turned out to love!! This makeup provides great coverage without feeling “cakey” and I’ve noticed that it actually lasts past lunch time on my skin (which, sadly, is an improvement). The $6 price tag also makes my little bargain-shopper heart happy! Bonus – I also decided to try out the Studio Makeup Mist & Set (for only $3), and I do think it works!

elf foundation

Next on the list… half-caff iced caramel macchiatos and sausage breakfast sandwiches. Sweet baby girl #2 has definitely done her best to kick my usual go-to favorite, the skinny vanilla latte, out of the picture. For some reason, she just wasn’t having any kind of hot coffee for the loooooongest time. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely been cutting back on the caffeine since finding out I’m expecting, but I definitely can’t keep up without a little help now that I’ve got the pregnancy tired plus chasing a VERY busy toddler. So half-caff’s been my thing when I do give in to needing that little extra to make it through the day morning. Iced caramel macchiatos though? She’s toooootally good with that. In fact, she’s more than good with it. Especially if it’s paired with a sausage and cheese sandwich from Starbucks too. I try not to think about the money I’ve spent in the past few months on this combo, but hey – a mama’s gotta make it from day-to-day somehow, right??


Last, but not least, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. I got a few tiny little samples of this from my sister-in-law a while back (thanks, Erin!), and really liked it. Then my sweet husband got me a bottle for my birthday, and I’m really loving it! Keeping in line with my drug-store, bargain shopper mentality, I usually don’t splurge on nice perfume, but I do have to say it’s nice to pick up a pretty glass perfume bottle in the morning instead of a plastic body spray bottle! Something about it just makes you feel a little more like a grown woman. If you’re looking for something floral, but not toooo sweet and not overpowering, I think this one is worth a try!


What have been your favorites recently? I’m always up for getting hooked on something new! 

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  1. great post!! victor and rolf flowerbomb is amazing 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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