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October 5, 2015

Movie Challenge – September 2015

His Pick:

Big Hero 6



First of all, I have to say that I LOVE that my husband is the kind of grown man who isn’t ashamed to pick a Disney movie for his monthly pick. Next, I have to say that this was a cute movie!! Not a favorite Disney movie overall, but definitely worth watching. This one will make you want to cry, make you laugh, and have you rooting for an eclectic team of “nerds” to win the day.


My Pick:

Woman in Gold



This was such a good movie!!! I’d been interested in seeing it whenever the previews for it had come out, but like usual, we never got around to seeing it in theaters. Then my family told me how much they enjoyed it and I knew as soon as it was available, this would be one of my monthly picks. Helen Mirren is amazing, and Ryan Reynolds definitely didn’t disappoint either. Such a powerful story about justice, family legacy and fighting for what is right. If you haven’t seen this one – you should!!!


Our Pick:

McFarland, USA



Apparently we were on a bit of a Disney kick last month, and we both wanted some kind of a “feel-good” movie to round things out in September. Like a typical Disney sports movie based on a true story, this one did have the “feel-good” vibe to it, but it wasn’t really our favorite. Good story, but a little pretty slow. Max felt like Kevin Costner didn’t really want to be playing his role until the very end of the film… I didn’t think it was THAT bad, but wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as a must-see to anyone either. Definitely didn’t stand up to other Disney sports films like the classic Remember the Titans or our more recent watch & love, Million Dollar Arm.

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