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August 1, 2016

An Orientation Birthday

My birthday last week happened to fall on the first day of my last freshman orientation session at SFA. (Techincally, depending on where I go from here, it very well could have been my last freshman orientation session ever. So crazy.)

I had thought about both things going into the day, but didn’t really think about how appropriate it was that they would coincide.

The day was full of phone calls, text messages and Facebook wishes for a great birthday. It never fails to make me take a second to stop and appreciate how many good people I have in my life, and how thankful I am for them!

But this year, it went a step farther than that.

As I looked at Facebook, I started to realize just how many of the people who were sending birthday wishes my way are in my life because of orientation. People I’ve worked with. People I’ve worked for. Students I’ve helped. Students who have worked for & with me. Colleagues across the nation.

And it just really moved me to think about just how much my choice to apply for Double T Crew more than a decade ago has really filled my life.

So as I head into a new year of life, and a new phase of my career, I’m happy to take some time to look back. It’s been a long road of lots of birthdays spent working alllll day, but there are definitely much worse ways to celebrate. Because usually, I’ve been able to spend it surrounded by some of the best people I know (like this girl… dang, Adrian, we were babies!!)


So to all of you who sent kind words and birthday messages, thank you! And to those of you who I’ve met through orientation in some form or fashion, just know I’m glad I made that choice as a college freshman. It’s been one of the best ones I’ve ever made.

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