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January 3, 2017

Being Childish In Business

Man the holiday season was a crazy one this year! But before we hopped on a plane to leave Kingwood & head to my happy place (San Diego), we were able to squeeze in an afternoon of decorating gingerbread houses with Peanut & two of her sweet friends.

And as I watched the three of them decorating their houses – each in their own way – I started to think about the leap to full-time photographer I’ve made.

Because in some ways it’s so exciting I just can’t stand it (like how Peanut asked me for days if today was the day she’d wake up from nap to decorate houses with her buddies).

And in some ways it’s scary. There’s the pressure to make it work, or more specifically, to make it work the way others’ businesses work. Or the way others think MY business should work.


But watching those girls decorate with concentration & pure joy (and not a whole lot of strategy), I came to a conclusion. I’m going to do this the way those girls decked out those gingerbread houses.


I’ll enjoy the process.

I’ll not waste time looking at other people’s “houses” to compare as I build mine.

I’ll accept a little bit of help if offered.

And most importantly, from beginning to end – I’ll do it my way.


If my way looks chaotic, unbalanced, or unfinished to outsiders as they build or guard their businesses, that’s fine. But if I feel it’s complete, if I’m learning & moving forward everyday, and if I know my clients feel loved – that they can genuinely feel the way I care about them – then none of those outside opinions matter.

I’ll just sit in my passionately decorated house built on hard work, relationships with my clients & sweet fun. And I’ll enjoy the process.

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