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March 6, 2014

What A Baby Boom Taught Me About Honesty

I have officially entered the “baby boom” phase of life, and I am loving it.

We were blessed to have the sweetest and funniest little girl 7 months ago, and it has been an amazing experience. Sure, parts were not so enjoyable – hello, pregnancy nausea and heartburn! – but the overwhelming majority of the experience has been something to really cherish and appreciate.


On top of having this crazy and amazing journey of our own take place, we are surrounded by family and friends who have welcomed (or are anxiously awaiting the arrival of) their own little peanuts. Cousins, friends from middle/high school, friends from college, friends from grad school, coworkers.. so many of those close to us have been able to share our joys, concerns, frustrations, and moments of awe with one another. Facebook and Instagram are flooded with photos of tiny toes, baby bumps, and gummy/toothless smiles.

All these babies mean lots of baby showers. I really do love being able to go to baby showers for friends and family and help them prepare to enter the crazy whirlwind that comes with adding a little one to the family. ¬†Of course, seeing all the adorable gifts and decorations aren’t bad either! I got to do that a few weeks ago for a dear friend of mine (who is now a mama to the most adorable little man!).


The gorgeous mama-to-be!




The hostesses made the most adorable personalized onesies to decorate the shower – so cute!!


On a more serious note, throughout the past year or so, I’ve been able to talk with other mamas and realize that my fears are not bizarre or irrational – just part of mommyhood. That I’m not the only one who couldn’t sleep because I was too busy trying to make sure I could hear Peanut breathing during those first nights. That I was n’t the only one freaking out about what I could or couldn’t eat while pregnant. That what worked for someone else may be the best advice you’ve ever received – OR it might not work at all for you and your baby.

I think that is the most important thing I’ve realized – that we need to talk to each other about the lows as well as the highs. That it’s ok to be waiting by the door, keys in hand, for your husband to get home so that you can get out of the house for an hour after a day full of trying to calm a crying little one. That it doesn’t make you any less of a mama, much less a bad one. That it simply makes you human. And it makes you a better mama when you get back home with your sanity intact.

I think there has always been pressure to be a perfect mama, but in the days of Pinterest and social media overwhelming us with images of what that “perfection” should look like, it is so so sooooo easy to fall into the trap of comparison or feeling like we aren’t enough. We need to stop that. Seriously. Let go of that ideal, and just embrace your reality. Yes, I think striving to always be your own version of the best mama (or daddy) you can be is important. Our children deserve us working at this. But we shouldn’t get so caught up in it that we start to doubt our abilities as parents. We shouldn’t feel like a failure for needing to step away for a moment, or for not getting the bed made, or the dishes done. We shouldn’t feel like a failure if we do things differently – as long as they are with the best intentions, aren’t harming anyone, and work for you and your family – go for it and be proud of the parent you are!

So get out there and be honest about this experience – the good and the tough. And be supportive of other mamas and daddies. This isn’t a competition! And in the spirit of support, what’s the best moment you’ve had with a fellow parent? What did they say/do that made an impact on you? How have you paid that forward?

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  1. Megan Walker says:

    Well…I’m not a parent, but I remember my childhood being very happy even if my parents didn’t always do things the “right” way or they went out and did things for themselves every now and then. I turned out ok : ) I will remember your words when I do become a parent!

  2. Jan Rodine says:

    I am not sure how to comment on the blog (technically). You can show me this weekend.

    I so love reading these blogs and enjoying the pictures, especially ones with me and Peanut!! I am so PROUD of you and wonder at your “wisdom” at yet a relatively young age.

    Maybe grandparenting is all about “Do Overs”. You get to enjoy your grandchild in such a different way than you did with your own children (not that I didn’t enjoy you and your brother) but I don’t feel any competition among my fellow Grandmas, Mimi’s, Gigi’s, Oma’s and Me-maw’s like I did with other mommies when I had my own children. With age does come wisdom and a clarity of what is really important.

    Love you all, Mom XXXOOO

    • Cynthia Embertson says:

      Love reading your blog Brooke. I agree with your mom that it is now an amazing journey to be a grandparent. To think that only yesterday your mom and I were helping each other out in order to maintain some kind of sanity after a long day with the kids. Your mom would randomly call and ask to have the kids over so that I could go to the store and roam the aisles by myself. Your dad of course was always saving the day when Dave was out of town. Too many funny stores to tell here. And you and CJ would just walk through our door at any given moment as if you were one of our kids. We have loved that friendship through the years. So, if you have a friend who can prop you up, and you in return can do the same, it is such a blessing. There is no perfection so just enjoy the imperfections.

      Love, your other mom,

      • bmariephoto says:

        Cynthia, mom and I just got all teary-eyed reading that!! We are so blessed to have you all as family. We need to all get together soon and let the little ones play!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Brooke, I honestly can’t wait until those two meet. Do you anticipate coming to Austin to see CJ? We would love to have your family, CJ, your mom and dad stay with us. Or, just meet up. Melanie loves other kids and we would have a blast watching those two.

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