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March 19, 2014

Spring Break!

I am lucky enough to have not one, but two great jobs. My full-time job is in higher education, and while it doesn’t necessarily come with a paycheck on the high end of the spectrum, it does have a lot of perks. One of those perks just so happens to be getting spring break.

This spring break was chock full of family and friends, and I really couldn’t have asked for much better. We fit in some pool time, but unfortunately it was still too cold for Peanut to have her first swim.


We got to spend some wonderful time with my family – my aunt and uncle flew in from California, and my brother and sister-in-law drove in from Austin for a crawfish boil. My uncle was able to cross an item off his bucket list, and he was thrilled!




The weekend was also a celebration of my dad’s birthday – I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the crawfish!


We had so much fun with everyone, and they all enjoyed getting some time with Peanut!


And to top off the weekend, my husband and I got to celebrate our first wedding anniversary together – complete with a fresh version of our wedding cake (we lost the original when the freezer gave out!) I have to say that I didn’t mind having the more  recently made version – and it was just as delicious as we remembered! 


I’d call Spring Break 2014 a success!

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  1. Jan Rodine says:

    Makes me hungry all over again for crawfish!!!

  2. Megan Walker says:

    Yay for Spring Break! Having slow time is a great perk of working in higher ed.

  3. Megan Walker says:

    Brooke, I wanted to give you a heads up…I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out the link to find out what happens next: I will be advertising this starting tomorrow morning!

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