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September 29, 2014

A Weekend to Say Goodbye

We were able to get together as a family last weekend to celebrate the life of my sweet Grandma, and have a formal goodbye. I had everything ready for this post last week, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Maybe it just felt like the official ending of things. Maybe I just wasn’t ready to really process it all. Or maybe I was worn out and needed to give myself time to recover before writing a post like this.

Whatever the reason, another weekend has now passed (a great one at that), and I think I’m ready to share this now. It may not be all of the words that are on my heart, but it will be a representation of what the weekend was for me – a little bit of sadness, a lot of family, a little bit of peace and a whole lot of love.

I am thankful for a family who laughs more than they cry during a goodbye weekend. Thankful for family that takes care of one another. Thankful for such a beautiful place to gather together.

Peanut made the trip out with me, and she did her best to keep all entertained… I’m pretty sure she succeeded. Sweet girl was a big hit.

San Diego 9.2014-1_WEB San Diego 9.2014-11_WEB San Diego 9.2014-9_WEBWe spent the evenings gathered together outside, and Peanut did her best to keep us all laughing.
San Diego 9.2014-7_WEB

Some of the ladies took an hour or so to go stroll along the beach, and as I mentioned last week, it was such a great reminder such of important things. It was beautiful, and it was peaceful. San Diego 9.2014-13_WEB San Diego 9.2014-14_WEB San Diego 9.2014-17_WEB San Diego 9.2014-19_WEB

When Monday morning rolled around, it was time for the service. I couldn’t help but get a few photos before we headed down to Fort Rosecrans. San Diego 9.2014-46_WEB San Diego 9.2014-45_WEB

San Diego 9.2014-57_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-56_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-60_WEBBefore the service, we gathered at the office where we were able to greet those who had traveled from near and far to come be a part of honoring my Grandmother. I was so glad to get to spend time with these amazing women. Beautiful, kind, funny & smart. Just what I hope Peanut grows up to be. San Diego 9.2014-70_WEB San Diego 9.2014-68_WEB San Diego 9.2014-62_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-72_WEBThis is the second time we’ve been under this glass roof… and it’s the second time that God has blatantly sent signs to let us know that Grandma and Grandpa are with us. This time, it was in the form of a hummingbird, which we have all always associated with my Grandma. Seeing that tiny bird zip in and float right in front of the table and the flower arrangement was so moving! San Diego 9.2014-73_WEB San Diego 9.2014-75_WEB Grandma was placed with Grandpa, and though they may not be on the top row “penthouse” they do still have quite a gorgeous view. Looking out over San Diego and where Grandpa was stationed. San Diego 9.2014-61_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-76_WEB San Diego 9.2014-90_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-78_WEB San Diego 9.2014-81_WEB San Diego 9.2014-82_WEB San Diego 9.2014-84_WEBThese men… there just aren’t words to describe what they mean to me. 
San Diego 9.2014-89_WEB San Diego 9.2014-85_WEBThis moment right before we left? I hope I never forget it. My sweet girl walked over to look at the beautiful picture boards my cousins put together & the framed photos we had brought. My heart fluttered as she pointed at a photo of Grandma and Grandpa and smiled… and then it just turned to complete mush as she gave a framed photo of my beautiful Grandma and gave her kisses. Complete mush, y’all. San Diego 9.2014-96_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-95_WEBSan Diego 9.2014-98_WEBWhat a blessing family is… to be able to make a sad occasion one of joy, love & laughter. Just how Grandma would have wanted it.


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  1. Jan Rodine says:

    Well said Brooke, well said!!!!

  2. Carol says:

    Brooke, you really have a way of making a bittersweet moment one of love and joy. Your family is awesome and it starts with your grandparents. I was blessed to meet them and what a special couple. Obviously, it passed down to your Mom & Dad, and now – you and Max. And by the way, if Peanut gets any cuter, it’ll be illegal. My love to all!

    • bmariephoto says:

      Thank you, Carol!! I have to say that making the tough occasion a happy one was most definitely not my own doing… blessed with a family who does that together!!

  3. Wow, I am in tears… beautiful post.

  4. Wyatt Engelhardt says:

    Hello my wonderful Niece …….I just wanted to thank you for the Blogs ……Each time I see one sitting in my inbox it makes me so very happy and that’s before I even read it !! After I read them its like we have had a special little visit and you have shared some occasion or thoughts in your life ……I’m very grateful !!! And while there are many miles between us you are never further then a heart beat away !!! Miss you much ….Max Love 💕 Wyatt
    Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 13:37:20 +0000

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