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June 1, 2015

Movie Challenge – May 2015

Another month of hitting all three of our movies for the Movie Challenge – I’m quite proud of us! And on top of hitting our quota, for the most part, this month’s picks were good!


His Pick:

The Gambler


I like Mark Wahlberg, but I have to say I wasn’t really a fan of this movie (although Max did like it). Wahlberg did a good job, but I just got too frustrated watching his life be a hot mess when he had numerous opportunities to turn it around. I get the ending and how Max thinks it justified the film, but I just wasn’t sold on it.


My Pick: 

This Is Where I Leave You


I was actually happily surprised by this movie. I’d see previews and knew that I liked a lot of the actors in the film, but I can’t say it was one that really made my mental “must-see” list. When Redbox options were running a little on the limited side, this one won out for my pick, and I’m glad it did. I figured it would just be ok, but I actually ended up liking it. May be partially due to the pregnancy hormones, but this movie did make me laugh out loud a few times and also tear up a little. (Max and my dad said they liked it too, so for any of you guys out there, this one’s safe for you too.) For such a dysfunctional family, they really did a good job of making you like the characters and the family as a whole. I have to say Tina Fey’s role was my favorite – she did a great job.


Our Pick: 

The Avengers: Age of Ultron




We actually splurged this month and saw a movie in the theater – gasp! Max is a big fan of all of the Marvel movies, and I have to say I’ve started to like them too, so catching this one in theaters was fun for us. I don’t know that I’d say it was way better than the first one, but I did enjoy it. I think James Spader did a great job, I loved Paul Bettany’s Vision, and of course I was thrilled with any scenes in which Thor made an appearance! Overall another win for the movie challenge.

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  1. Monique says:

    Brooke – you need to see the Transformer movies if you like the Avengers! Waiting to watch the Avengers to see if Laine can see it – we fast forward thru some of the Transformer movies. Love your blog!

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