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July 1, 2015

Movie Challenge – June 2015

His Pick:

The Cobbler

IMDb - The Cobbler


I have to be honest and say that for whatever reason, this one didn’t really grab me. Max liked it, but I never could quite get into it. Maybe it was the non-realistic part of the plot with magic shoes that turned me off, or maybe it was something else. I do have to say that the parts of the plot revolving around Max (Adam Sandler) and his mother were the parts I enjoyed most.


My Pick:

Everybody’s Fine

IMDb - Everybody's Fine



Again in all honesty – this one got picked kind of by default. Not much else in the way of options on Netflix or Redbox, so after watching the preview for this one on Amazon Prime we decided to go for it (especially since streaming it was free). This one didn’t really get me until the end – and then it hit me in the feels. Max and I both got a little emotional at one point  (though I was the only one who actually ended up getting teary-eyed). All-in-all I wouldn’t list this one as a favorite, but it was worth the watch (for free), and DeNiro did a great job.


Our Pick:

The Imitation Game



We both really enjoyed this movie! (Technically this was the first pick of the month, and started out as my pick, but after we finished watching Max told me that could be our pick for the month since he really liked it haha.) Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing as Alan Turing, and the story itself is just fascinating. This was definitely better than we expected it to be, and I’m so glad it was a pick this month – it saved this month’s challenge for me, and it’s one I’d recommend for sure.

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