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February 2, 2016

Movie Challenge – January 2016

It was good getting back to the movie challenge this month! Not our best lineup, but it wasn’t the worst either. Definitely an eclectic mix of films though – which I love!


His Pick:

Ant Man


Even though Max has gotten me into the Marvel movies, I really wasn’t all that excited about this one. I do like Paul Rudd, so that was about it when it came to thinking I might like this one, but I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would, and I have to saw that Michael Peña might have been my favorite! If you’re into the Marvel movies but don’t think this one has the pull that Captain America, Thor or Iron Man have, I’d recommend at least giving it a try!


My Pick: 

Inside Out


O my goodness, y’all. I loved this movie. I didn’t really know what to expect other than having hopes for this because I generally enjoy Disney Pixar work, but this was even better than I would have imagined! I felt a little ridiculous that I got slightly emotional watching this thinking about Peanut and Pumpkin going through this phase, but after the movie ended Max told me felt the same way! I’d definitely recommend this one!


Our Pick: 



We chose this one after talking with friends about the real-life story that played out here in East Texas. I wouldn’t say this one is a favorite – I don’t think either Max or I would have been all that entertained/interested in it if it wasn’t a true story set near here, and knowing that a friend of ours actually knew Bernie. Jack Black did a great job, but this isn’t one I’d watch again. Max enjoyed it more than I did and said it wasn’t bad, but didn’t even end up staying awake till the end… (to his credit though, he did go back and watch the end the next day).

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