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Houston brand photographer's session with Dr. Michelle Shosa, Houston eye doctor & Beautycounter leader, Brand Photos

September 24, 2019

Locations to Consider for Your Brand Photos

When planning your brand photography session, it’s crucial to pick the right location! You want your images to translate the heart of your brand so that you’re attracting your ideal clients, and the setting for your headshots & lifestyle brand photos is key in getting the right message across. For those of us who don’t have a perfectly lit, perfectly on-brand, perfectly curated office, it can be a bit daunting to try to figure out an ideal location. To take a bit of stress out of the planning process, I’m listing out 6 great options to consider for your brand photos!

Co-working Spaces


Houston Brand photographer - second brand session with Bird & Hyssop, Houston marketing strategist

Co-working spaces are a great option as they often have enough table/desk space to spread out the on-brand props you’ve brought. It’s also packed full of other people who are more likely to “get” why you have a photographer taking photos of you typing on your laptop or writing out notes.


Coffee Shops


Houston brand photographer's session with Dr. Michelle Shosa, Houston eye doctor & Beautycounter leader

Each coffee shop has it’s own vibe, so you’re likely to be able to find one that fits your brand! They’re typically pretty accommodating for photos and access to great coffee is a major perk too! Just be sure to call ahead (or if you’re my client, I’ll call ahead for you!) so that you know you’ve got permission to take photos. One tip for selecting a coffee shop – select one that has great natural light – you don’t want to be disturbing the other customers by having to use flash! 


Your Favorite Non-work Location


Love gardening? Take photos at a beautiful local nursery! Have a favorite park that you & the family go to each weekend? Take photos there! Obsessed with pilates or yoga & take multiple classes a week? See if you can do a few photos in the studio! Consider the personal aspects of yourself you share via your brand, and think about if any of those parts of your life would provide a possible location for some photos to help share those interests/values via your social media feed/about page.


Your Home


Houston brand photographer - relaxed beach house portrait with two daughters


If you work from your home, or are a mompreneur, this could be a good option! Getting photos of you squeezing in work whenever you can (& managing being mom too) can help build connection! We also often do what we do to help support our families, so getting a few photos with them is a win. Just be mindful of finding a place in your home with great light that is either very neutral or or-brand. (You can use a vacation home for this too like I did in the photo above!)


Your Office


Kingwood brand photographer - personalized brand images for Chantel Brown, owner of Kingwood's Wine & Design

This one is great if you love your office space or business location & have it decorated to match your brand. This lets your potential clients literally get a look into your work process which helps build trust.


Murals/walls that Coordinate with Your Brand


Houston brand photographer's lifestyle brand photography session with Southern Rose Designs, Houston graphic & brand designer


This option is such a fun one! You can find a solid color wall that fits your brand color palette, or you can find a more graffiti or mural style for added visual interest. Take an afternoon & drive around to peek for walls to use. Just be sure when you note the location to notice where the shade is at that time of day so that you can plan the best time to do photos there.


A Studio Space


Houston brand photographer - personalized brand images for Victoria Garcia Studios


Here you’ve got the option to make the space fit your brand completely by bringing in props/decor/etc. that speak exactly to your brand (& to your ideal client!). You can also leave it more minimal – the option is yours!



I’d love to help you figure out which of these options might be best for your brand – just click here to get started! 

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