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June 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!



Happy anniversary to the two people who have showed me the most about what marriage means! I love the both of you so much, and I am so appreciative of the way you’ve taught CJ and I to live our lives and for the way you’ve taught us to love. I am so blessed to have had you as an example of marriage.

This photo means so much to me, even more so now that I am married. Seeing the lace on your dress, Mom, and knowing it was with me on my wedding bouquet is such a special thing for me. And Dad, knowing you’re wearing the same boots you stood in to watch CJ & Emily get married, and the same boots you were in as you walked me down the aisle is such an amazing thing as well. That lace and those boots may just be “things,” but to me they stand for the appreciation of family history that you’ve instilled in me.


Again, thank you, and here’s to many more years of laughter, marital capital and time as a family. Happy anniversary!

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  1. Jan Rodine says:

    Ahhh, how sweet. You and CJ are the best things to come out of our marriage. Love you!!!

    Mom xxxooo

    Have a good orientation!!!

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