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June 20, 2017

Family Portraits – The Fish Family

I am so so so thankful for this family, y’all. And I was so glad that I was able to swing through Nacogdoches on my way back to Kingwood to spend some time with them & get some updated family portraits. We’d taken family photos for them in this same general area before, so we ended up making a little bit of a walk to a new area & I loved it!

Their session that ended up having some blackberry-picking last year was one of my favorites, but this one is right up there too!! Seeing the interaction between family members is my favorite!!! Yes, getting photos with kids in the 2-4 year old range isn’t always the prettiest/smoothest in the behind the scenes, but they are so full of life & when I’m able to play & laugh & joke with them (& when mom & dad trust me to get good photos in the midst of the silliness), then we end up with gold. You see their personalities shine & that’s what it’s all about!!!!


When I go back to edit/blog/look at photos like this… I can always hear that laughter in my head!! LOVE it.


Cutest family ever? I think yes. Fish family, y’all look good together!!!


O my gosh, as a mama myself, these kind of images always pull at my heart strings so much. There’s a lot of work that goes into being a mama & it’s not always the fun kind, but getting these quieter moments on camera to look back on for years & years to come is such a powerful thing. You get to look back on not only how your children have grown, but how you’ve grown as a wife & mother.


Connor is allll boy and was silliness & giggles & energy during our session (which I know can sometimes make mamas nervous, but I love it! The photos always turn out better than mom might think they will based on their kiddos haha!). But in the midst of the laughter, this sweet little boy grabbed the teeny-tiniest little flower & held on to it for SO LONG. That sweetness made me understand how mamas get completed wrapped up around their little boys!


The “money shot” with smiles & the reality of life in this stage…. nothing makes me happier than capturing both sides of a family!!


Love. Love. Love this one!


Aaaaaaaaand there goes the mama-heart melt again!! Brittany, I adore this shot of you & Connor!


Connor & Peanut were in daycare together since they were itty bitty little babies, and seeing him look this grown up is just CRAZY to me!




That scrunched-up little nose is just perfection, Connor Man.


Brittany, Gavin & Connor – THANK YOU a million times over for coming back to me for photos year after year! We love & miss y’all, but I’m thankful to be able to see y’all when come back up there for photos. Come down to Houston & stay with us soon!!!!

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