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December 17, 2015

A Challenge for a Happier Holiday Season

How many of y’all are A-typers? The ones who want perfection but may not always be able to quite capture for a myriad of reasons – little ones, demanding jobs, health challenges, burnout, not enough time in the day, etc.

Hello to my people!!

I feel ya on the desire to get the perfect, Pinterest worthy result in whatever it is you’re doing. And the holidays? They’re the perfect recipe for frustration or disappointment when it comes to the constant drive for perfection.


The present wrapping ends up being rushed and the great idea for fresh, fragrant evergreen sprigs nestled into the silky red ribbons remains just that – an idea.

The cookies for the holiday party end up being store bought rather than handmade from scratch and iced to perfection.

The tree looks a little more like a hodge-podge of random ornaments rather than the NYC Macy’s worthy showstopper.

The “picture perfect” Christmas card moment with the whole family, fur-babies included, looking at the camera with model status smiles didn’t exactly happen this year.

Nacogdoches photographer maternity portraits of family with toddler boy in lush green field in Kingwood, TX

Before you get disappointed, before you feel like the holidays are just a time of unending unmet expectations, take a second, friend.

Take a second to step back and look at what you really have: gifts from the heart and those you love to receive them. Family, friends, coworkers to join in holiday celebrations together. A home with a tree filled with an eclectic mix of ornaments representing memories made. An image of your family as you are – kids laughing and being their silly selves.

Nacogdoches photographer family portrait session in evening lit field with fall colors

So this holiday season, I’m challenging you – yes, you – to let go of perfection.

If that means you stay off Pinterest to get those “ideal” images out of your head, then don’t get on Pinterest. If it means trying to consciously step back when you’re stressing yourself over doing it all, take a second, take a deep breath, count to ten, and look at the gloriously imperfect reality you have.


Let’s all take the time we would spend stressing over every little detail, and pour it into loving those around us. Pour it into remembering the ultimate reason for the season. Pour it into gratitude, contentment, and good will. And then maybe pour it into our sense of humor too.

Nacogdoches photographer fall family and 1 year portrait session in a sunlit field

Because in the end, you may realize that you actually prefer the reality of a Charlie Brown style Christmas tree & a Christmas card that shows your family in a real and perfect representation of your interaction as a family rather than your interaction with the camera.

Nacogdoches photographer portrait session in Austin with 9 month old boy

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  1. monique says:

    Oh my friend I needed this post!! I have let go out so much this Christmas! I even still have gifts to purchase! Trying to head out to God’s country… You know where… Then back to Nac then off to west Texas … All with four kiddos has resulted in a less than perfect everything! But I did let go… Just haven’t let go of the guilt yet! I mean I did not make treat bags for Any of my kiddos classes-epic mommy fail! I set smile here!

    • bmariephoto says:

      You’re not alone! I don’t have teacher gifts yet either, and I can tell you they won’t be homemade! Just remember to focus on the time with the kiddos (even if it happens to be slightly stressful travel time)! Let go of the guilt – you deserve to just enjoy the holidays too!!

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