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July 3, 2019

8 Ways to Use Your Brand Photos

Ok, so you’ve invested in brand photography – good job! You’re already a step ahead of a lot of business owners. You should have gotten a great headshot that you’re confident sharing. Hopefully you’ve also got lifestyle/behind-the-scenes images & custom stock images as too!

Houston brand photographer - session on Houston's Sabine Street Bridge for Let's Party HTXHouston Brand Photographer image from outdoor & teal office setting session for online writing coachHouston brand photographer's lifestyle brand photography session with Southern Rose Designs, Houston graphic & brand designer

Now that you have them… let’s be sure you’re using them well! There are so many places that you can use a well-branded photograph!

  1. Your profile picture – Sure, this may seem like a no-brainer, but the key is to pick ONE of your headshots & use that across every single platform that has a profile photo – I’m talking Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, EVERYTHING. Consistency helps build trust, so it’s important to use the same photo.
  2. In Your E-Mail Signature – most people have their name/business name & contact info listed in their email signature, and some have a logo, but why not continue building that recognition/trust factor by including your headshot as well?? Just be sure it’s the same image from the tip above!
  3. Your Website’s About Page – Again, this one is pretty common sense. But here’s where you want to include that same killer photo that you’re using as your profile photo AND then include some more lifestyle type images or styled stock that speak to you personally and the heart of your brand. If you’re talking about your favorite drink, addiction to dark chocolate & love of podcasts – include a flat lay that has the drink, your headphones, and dark chocolate (preferably in cute dishes or with great packaging that matches your brand’s colors/vibe)!
  4. Social Media – Pretty common sense here too, but again – take it to the next level! If you have great flat lay or styled stock images, use them. AND then reuse them by cropping in to small sections of the image that tell a stand-alone story.
  5. Your Website’s Contact Section – You can have a lifestyle image of you with your phone/laptop there as a visual representation of you receiving their message! Step it up a notch by having a confirmation page with a fun/celebratory image of you with a note saying that you’re thrilled to read their message & will be in touch soon.
  6. Your Opt-in Content – Are you creating guides or e-books as opt-ins to serve your client base and build your email list? If you’re offering any kind of guide/digital content – have a page in there about you with those beautiful headshots of yours!
  7. Your Sales Pages – Include your behind-the-scenes images on your sales pages. You’ve built up some familiarity with your consistent profile photo, now you want your potential clients to be able to picture working with you – make it easy on them! Show yourself working, and they’ll be much more likely to imagine themselves working WITH YOU!
  8. Calls to Action – When you have a call to action (sign up for Newsletter, Contact Me, Book a Session, Download a Freebie, etc.) on your website, get more attention by including a corresponding styled stock image along with your copy! 


Houston brand photographer - personalized brand images for Girija Patel of GBP Law, Lawyer for CreativesHouston brand photographer - personalized brand images for Bird + Hyssop, Houston Marketing Strategist


I’d love to know two things: First, how do you use your brand photos? Second, which one of the above options are you going to implement moving forward?

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