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Web Gems

February 20, 2014

Web Gems – Round 1

Web Gems

Let’s be honest – there’s a lot of crap out there on the internet. Lots. But sometimes, there’s just waaaaaaay too much goodness out there on the internet to not share it. So that’s what’s going to happen! Here are a few things that have impressed/inspired/cracked me up lately:

  • These photos by Annie Leibovitz are just SO GOOD. Interesting take on some of my all-time favorite movie characters. Combining gorgeous photography with Disney genius? Total win in my book.

annie_leibovitz_disney-1024x768Photo by Annie Leibovitz

  • As a new mom, I have come to really understand the tension between working and “stay-at-home” moms (not necessarily a fan of that term, but that’s something for another post). These letters hit the nail on the head, and are such a sweet reminder to mommas to be proud of the choice they have made and know they are serving their children well.
  • This? This! I don’t even know where to start on this. Such a powerful and courageous thing, and at the same time, a little sad that this is so out of the norm. Lauren Fleshman has done all of us a favor by inspiring real honesty about our bodies.

thigh_0Photo by Lauren Fleshman

  • Great advice from Mary Marantz about being your own permission to go for that next step and believing now is the time to go get what you want. 
  • Found this photo on Pinterest, and just loved it. Definitely something I am going to try to remember on those early mornings when Peanut decides we’ve all  had enough sleep!

One Hour MorePhoto source unknown, found via Pinterest

  • Within the past year, I have started to dabble in yoga, and recently have been trying to do yoga twice a week on my lunch break. (Shout out to working in Higher Education where that’s an option!) I saw this, and immediately imagined Peanut and I doing this in the future – not nearly as well, and we’d probably be laughing, but that sounds just about right to me! 🙂

kid yogaPhoto by Alexandra Grablewski

  • In my A-type dreams, I imagine my husband’s tshirt drawers looking like this  after I put the laundry away… AND after he’s pulled shirts out of it. Thank you, Pinterest for indulging my weird organizational fantasies.

tshirtsPhoto source unknown, found via Pinterest

  • And because I am a proud Red Raider alumna, and a college football fanatic, this completely made my day. I miss gamedays at the Jones.

tech fansPhoto by John Weast/Getty Images

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  1. Megan Walker says:

    Love the collection! I’ve looked at those Disney photos before, and they are spot on.

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