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March 25, 2014

Tuesday Top 3 – Blogs

Tuesday Top 3


Today’s Top 3 are a few blogs I truly enjoy following.

1. Gail Werner Photography – I relate so much to Gail, and I think that is a testament to how (and how honestly) well she writes. She works full time at a university, runs her photo business, and is embracing the wonderfully challenging role of “mom” to her ADORABLE little boy. It’s nice to be able to follow along with someone who has so much in common, and her photos are wonderful!

2. Katelyn James Photography – Katelyn is an amazing photographer, and she is such a great example of using your talents and your life to glorify God. Her images are gorgeous, and she has one of the most adorable puppies ever! I really enjoy the mix of topics on her blog – gorgeous session recaps, personal updates and tips for fellow photographers. (Plus her mad interior decorating skills make me want to break the bank in HomeGoods, Target, etc.)

3. Jones Design Company – Speaking of interior decorating skills… this blog is full of great home decor inspiration!


Tell me – what blogs do you enjoy following? Why? I’d love to add some more must-reads to my list! 

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