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February 4, 2015

A Safe Place to Land

Sometimes in life or in business, we challenge ourselves to take a risk, to leap of the cliff and hope we learn to fly on the way down. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with how quickly and how high we fly. But sometimes, we just can’t manage to make it work. And in those moments, we need a parachute to ease the fall, or we need safe place to land.

Sometimes, we don’t consciously take a leap of a cliff – sometimes, we’re just running as hard as we can to keep up with the pace of life and our current situation. Sometimes, we are running so fast, and so hard, that our feet just can’t keep up – and we take a fall. And in those moments, we need a safe place to land.

Sometimes, we simply have an overpowering need to trust in something bigger than us. We need to be able to simply fall backward – to fall into trust and know that we will have that safe place to land.

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I think we sometimes fall into that safe place without ever really consciously realizing or acknowledging that place. We fall into the Lord. We fall into our spouse. We fall into our friends. We fall into our family. We fall into our co-workers.

So this morning, I’d like to challenge you to to really think about your safe place(s). Think about where you go (or who you go to) when you have no answers. When you have no strength left. When you have an idea or a passion, but have no idea what the next step should be. When you need a shoulder, or a laugh.

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Think about that safe place, and spend time there. Spend time pouring into that place. Spend time in prayer or fasting; spend time thanking that person. Spend time investing in them. And make sure you are being a safe place for someone else.

We all need that safe place to land. As mothers, we need women who will encourage us and let us know we aren’t the only ones second-guessing ourselves. We aren’t the only ones exhausted and worried we aren’t enough. As business owners, we need other entrepreneurs who will say “I understand” and we know they do. We need those folks to encourage us to keep going, to learn what we can from any failures and do better with the next risk. To help us celebrate in risks that pay off. As Christians, we need other believers to encourage us to dig deeper into our faith and reach¬†farther into our relationship with God. As spouses, we need that partner to be a rock for us in hard times, and be laughter in days that are tough. To be there by our side in the good times and to be the first to raise a glass in honor of our achievements.


We all need a safe place to land. And that’s ok. Let’s just make sure we’re appreciating that place, and offering it to others.

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