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Tuesday Top 3

March 11, 2014

Tuesday Top 3 – Movies

Tuesday Top 3Top 3 movies (as of this moment)

The Princess Bride – This is probably my all-time favorite movie. It always reminds me of my mom, and now that we’ve gotten older, my brother has come around and loves it too. It is so full of everything I love – humor, love of all kinds (romantic, friendship, a grandfather and his grandson, a son and his father, etc.), action, and adventure. The song that plays at the end (Storybook Love) was what I chose to have playing as I walked down the aisle with my dad. Even though it was the instrumental version, my dad recognized it immediately and brought tears to his eyes. Such a great (and special) movie!!

Forrest Gump – Such a classic! Tom Hanks was just genius in this. From the overall character and emotional moments to the tiniest little character tics he gave Forrest, he just totally became that character. (The enthusiastic wave he gives to Lieutenant Dan when he’s on the boat? A favorite part of the movie for sure.) A wonderful love story that ties in redemption, forgiveness, embracing your unique gifts, American History, and the power of being open to where life will carry you. And I can’t even get started on the soundtrack. SO. GOOD.

The Boondock Saints – This one is definitely not for kids – or anyone who isn’t ok with profanity. But once you get past that, this really is such a great movie. This one’s been a favorite since high school. Willem Dafoe is amazing in this film – creepy at times, but amazing nonetheless. Pretty sure my brother and I could go start to finish quoting this one. “Catch you on the flip side.”


Added bonus for this edition of Tuesday Top 3… An additional Top 3! I covered my Top 3 movies I’ve seen, but couldn’t resist sharing the Top 3 movies I want to see:

The Book Thief  – I read this book, and although it was really different, it truly pulled me in. Uniquely written and emotionally moving, this story is most definitely one worth reading, and I can’t wait to see if the movie truly captures the brilliance of the book.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Initially I wasn’t too interested in seeing this one when I saw previews, but after seeing so many people (and photographers) mention how much they enjoyed this movie, my curiosity kicked in.

Divergent – I just finished reading this book last week, and I’m excited to go see the film. I’m hoping there will be enough time between finishing the book and seeing the movie so that I don’t drive myself nuts mentally counting/cataloging all the ways the movie differs from the book (like I did with The Hunger Games).


Tell me – what other movies should I have on my “must-see” list??

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  1. Megan Walker says:

    Jared and I wanted to see two of the Oscar movies, “Dallas Buyer Club” and “12 Years a Slave”. “Dallas Buyer Club” was really good. I can see why Jared Leto won for best supporting actor. You might like it!

  2. Austin says:

    Maybe not the best overall movie, but best movie experience goes to Napolean Dynamite 🙂

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