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Tuesday Top 3

February 25, 2014

Tuesday Top 3 – Coffee mugs

Tuesday Top 3

It has been a really long couple weeks, and I’m totally ok with admitting that I am WORN. OUT. It’s been a lot of really good things keeping me busy, but sleep would be a good thing to work in there too if possible.

Sooooooooooooooo, in the spirit of exhaustion and craving some piping hot fully caffeinated coffee, today’s Tuesday Top 3 is in honor of that glorious beverage and the adorable/fun/memorable options for holding it! After the past few weeks of going non-stop, I’d be more than happy to sip a little somethin’ out of any of these!!!

1. This beauty was gifted to me by a dear friend, plus it looks like a camera lens. Need I say more?


2. This particular mug from Brick & Spoon is a recent addition to our cupboard, and it’s a sweet little reminder of a wonderful weekend in Houston. Be on the lookout for this little guy’s return on the blog in a few days!


3. Tie for third goes to these adorable elephant mugs… a combination of two of my favorite things!

Hot pink? Check. Elephant? Check. Just gimme some hot coffee to fill up this mug on Amazon, and I’m set!


Seriously?! Can these Jonathan Adler mugs from Nordstrom get any cuter??


Love the combination of pattern and the elephant silouhette in this one from Target!


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  1. Megan Walker says:

    Elephants are one of my favorite things too!!! Great choices.

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