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Movie Challenge

May 30, 2014

Movie Challenge – May

Here’s a recap of this month’s installment of the Movie Challenge! For an explanation of the movie challenge, check out this post.

His Pick:

Dallas Buyers Club


I have to be honest and say that for the first 20 min or so of this movie, I was sooo distracted by the way Matthew McConaughey looked!!! It’s really amazing to me how actors/actresses change their bodies for roles… talk about dedication!! Ok, back to the movie. I did enjoy it although there were some scenes that were hard for me to watch. It was an interesting example of when people really become passionate about something and refuse to give in. Sidenote- I just really like Jennifer Garner. She did a  great job in this role, and I feel like every movie I’ve seen of hers, she really makes me like her character.


My Pick:

The Book Thief

The Book Thief

I read this book, so I was sooooo excited to see the movie! I really enjoyed it, and Max did too. I was afraid it might be a little slow for him, but he said that he really liked the story and was glad I’d picked this movie. The casting was so on point with how I pictured the characters while reading (minus Rosa… not how I pictured her, but she did a great job with the role). I loved seeing the dictionary wall come to life on the screen, and I felt even more connected to Max than I did while reading.

Our Pick:

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I loved this movie. LOVED. IT. Max was a fan too, so it’s even more of a win in my book! The film is just gorgeous – so many scenes could be captured as a freeze frame that I’d hang on my wall. Fitting for a movie about a man who’s career was centered around the iconic images published in LIFE magazine. Although a little strange at times, I loved the meaning behind the story, and this was just a feel good film. Somewhat of a coming-of-age film, but I think I mostly liked a scene that encourages you to just make the conscious choice to just BE in the moment. To soak it in. To appreciate it for all it’s worth. To burn it into your being rather than simply allowing it to be a snapshot. This is the kind of thing I want to be able to do with my photographs. Yes, my clients won’t always be able to be in that moment, but I hope to be able to bring them right back there each time they see their photos.


Overall, it was a darn good month for the movie challenge. I’d say Walter Mitty takes the (clementine) cake though!

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  1. Interesting choices! I never saw Walter Mitty because it looked strange to me, almost like a knockoff Forest Gump. Jared LOVES Forest Gump, so I was hesitant to challenge it with Walter Mitty.

    • bmariephoto says:

      We are both huge Forrest Gump fans too, and that comparison didn’t even cross my mind! I can see a few parallels now that you mentioned it, but I wouldn’t say that’s a reason to not see it. I really do think I connected with it even more because of it’s tie in to photography, but it was good nonetheless. Quirky, but good.

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