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April 9, 2015

If I Could

I was listening to Pandora the other day, and a song came on that I’ve heard thousands of times. But in that particular moment, I heard it in a different way. I just love how that happens!

As I was singing along with Blake Shelton, I realized the power of the words he was saying. The power they have in a so many different contexts.


If I could
I would dare
Feed your dreams
And starve your fears

Imagine what life would be like if we did this for the people in our lives. If we nourished their dreams while taking their fears out of the equation. If we did this for our friends, our significant others, our family members, our children.

Imagine what life would be like if we not only did this for others, but if we did it for ourselves. If we made the conscious effort to refuse to let our precious time, thoughts and energy feed our fears. To shift all of our focus to our dreams, and away from the reasons we keep telling ourselves they’ll never come true.

Imagine what your life would be like if you let others do this for you. If you actually listened and believed when someone tells you they have faith in you. When they tell you that you can make it happen. When they tell you that you have what it takes. When they tell you the only “what-ifs” with real power are the positive ones. The ones that end with you surpassing your goals.



Let’s all try to start today. Decide to starve fear, and feed dreams. If you find yourself caught up in the negative self-talk and doubt, choose to step back and dream harder. Find your next step, and take it. Move forward.

Let’s choose to be that support for someone else. Feed their dreams. Give a word of encouragement. Offer your help in the next step of their plan. Tell them your vision of what they can achieve – and make it glorious.

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