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I’m going to be real honest here… as a “mompreneur” with two young ones, summer time is HARD. There’s no less pressure to do all the business things & not only maintain but grow. There’s no less housework to keep up with. And there’s a whole lot more time with the kiddos in the house. […]

Well y’all, life has been a crazy train lately for the Holmes family circus! But there’s been some fun things thrown in there too. Here’s a little glimpse into the un-edited everyday moments that don’t always make the social media cut! 1. Enjoying the little things   2. Pool time with my girls   3. […]

It’s been a long time since my last recap of recent phone shots, so in case you’ve missed it, here’s a quick rundown of what’s been happening over @bmariephoto.   1. A sweet little photoshoot supervisor   2. Family Halloween costumes   3. Snuggles with my girls 4. Hallelujah for Nespresso!   5. Hallelujah for […]

This is what we’ve been up to lately, as seen through my iPhone…   1. Healthy (and delicious) new recipes   2. Sweet newborn shoot   3. My awesome brother coming into Nacogdoches to help me out 4. Birthday morning surprises for Peanut   5. Gorgeous flowers from an amazing coworker   6. The sweetest […]

Here’s a peek into what everyday life has been like over the past few months…     1. Spending lots of time with my AMAZING Orientation Leaders!   2. Daddy & his mini-me   3. Road tripping 4. Taking time to soak up gorgeous sunsets   5. Delicious crawfish boils by the master   6. […]

It’s time for another iPhone recap of what’s been filling everyday life lately!!   1. Trying to make the most of feeling sickly   2. God’s handiwork is seriously breathtaking!   3. With all the rain, gotta enjoy blue sky 4. Making the most of our roses in our yard   5. Nap time project […]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an Instagram/iPhone photo recap… so here we go!   1. I’ve been LOVING Amy Poehler’s Yes Please (and making time to read!)   2. Quiet rainy mornings   3. My handsome man getting into photography 4. Date night to see Spamalot at SFA – so good!   5. Coffee […]

It’s time for another glimpse into the everyday moments that have made up the past few weeks!   1. I am so grateful to have spent a few days with this beautiful lady!  2. A gorgeous view from our hotel at NODA  3. SFA Homecoming bonfire 4. A rainy landing on my way back home […]

Everyday life… round 4! This one’s got so much that makes my heart happy: 1.  A not-so-gentle reminder to make time to be still   2.  Peanut’s first birthday party  3.   Playing in sprinklers and crossing items off the Yearly Bucket List 4.  Sweet sleeping Peanut  5.  Wrapping up an amazing summer with a […]

It’s time for another glimpse into the everyday moments with a few Instagram photos… Follow me for more scenes from this wild, crazy & beautiful everyday life!   1.  Me & my little Peanut   2.  Turning little one’s nap time into “me” time   3.  Our house is a dog hotel this month 4.  Enjoying […]

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