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Sweet girl, You’re 4 months old! And you sure are getting more and more personality everyday. You are just as sweet as can be, and it seems you’re already trying to keep up with your big sister. You have really found your voice now, and you’re almost always making a sound that is a little […]

Sweet girl, You’re three months old already! I can’t believe that’s possible! Your sweet and happy disposition has made the time just fly by, but we’re loving seeing you grow. You’re making more and more new faces and noises everyday, and some of them just crack us up. You’re very talkative in the morning and […]

Sweet girl, This post was supposed to be up before the holidays, but the day before we flew out to California you got your shots and baby girl, you didn’t like them at all. You ended up with a slightly higher fever than is normal for a vaccine reaction (scaring your mama), and I dropped […]

Sweet girl, I am a little behind in posting this letter to you, and let me tell you… time is just flying by already! You have continued to be a good sleeper (for the most part), and your daddy and I are so thankful for that!! Maybe it’s because when you’re awake your arms and […]

Sweet girl, You’re just over one week old, and we are all already just so in love with you! When you kept us all waiting (and waiting some more) for you to arrive, I’ll be honest – I was a little nervous that you were going to be the kind of baby to make sure […]

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